Places To Store Your Emergency Food

Prepper's Will - Places to store your emergency foodEmergency food storage is an important component of the prepping journey. Whether you buy survival food from online stores or just buy some extra food at the supermarket each week, all those supplies will overwhelm your kitchen storage. If you also store water, you will quickly run out of storage space and you will need to improvise if you want to store everything.

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Protect Your Garden From Critters

Prepper's Will - Protect your garden from critters   You make everything possible to ensure that your plants grow big and strong so you can become less dependent on grocery stores and make sure that your pantry is well-stocked. If animals ruin your hard work it can be devastating for your morale. That’s why you need to learn how to protect your garden from critters.

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Honey Badger Wheel: Amazing All-terrain Solution For Off-gridders And Preppers

Prepper's Will - Honey Badger WheelSince I’m an avid promoter of off-grid living and an outdoor enthusiast, I try to discover and share new things that would make life easier for those who love these types of lifestyle. Something caught my attention this week and I decided to share my findings with my readers. This new invention is called the honey badger wheel and it is basically a pack mule solution for hunters, preppers, off-griders and anyone who loves the outdoors.

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The 4 Levels Of Preparedness You Should Know

The 4 levels of preparedness you should know    For our grandparents, general preparedness was a normal activity and it was part of their daily lives. They used to do things by themselves in order to survive and thrive. They weren’t reluctant to ask help from neighbors when things got tough. Nowadays, preparedness is seen as something extreme by the mainstream society. Most of the people out there have no idea of what it means to be prepared.

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What I’ve Learned As A Prepper In The Past 5 Years

Prepper's Will - What I've learned as a prepper_I would like to start by saying that I do not consider myself and expert prepper. I firmly believe the road ahead has still many unknowns. The experiences shared within the lines of this article are my own. They can provide a clear glimpse of what it means to be a prepper. Some of these experiences may seem familiar to you because at some point, we’ve all been there.

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Preparing On A Budget

Prepper's Will - Preparing on a budgetPreparing on a budget is a challenge for some people. Not having enough money and resources is the number one excuse people give for why they don’t prepare for emergencies. Although this excuse may hold some truth to it and it’s understandable that someone struggling financially may see it useless, prepping doesn’t have to be costly.

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