How To Stay Safe In A Big Crowd

How to stay safe in a big crowdGood weather is upon us and it is the time of the year when the vast majority of people become highly active. While some will go on vacation, there will be those who will end up being part of a crowded event such as a political gathering or a sporting event. Regardless the reasons behind the big commotion it is smart to learn how to stay safe in a big crowd.

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Ten Survival Hunting Essentials

Prepper's Will - Ten Survival Hunting Essentials“If things go south, I will rely on hunting to get my meat,” I’ve heard this one so many times that it has almost become a nuisance for me. People think that if they own a powerful rifle, they can just go into the woods and bring some big game that will keep them fed. Many of these people don’t even have a clue about the survival hunting essentials and I think it’s better to give them a heads up.

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Expiration Management – Is Your Food Still Safe To Eat?

Prepper's Will - Is your food still safe to eat?Some things last longer than others, but eventually everything comes to an end. If you are one of the people concerned about the future, you probably have a well-equipped pantry waiting for you at home. Unfortunately, some of us take for granted our supplies. Even more, there are those who have no idea how to tell if their food is still safe to eat.

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Keeping The Cost Of Prepping To Minimum

Prepper's Will - How to save on preppingNo matter what other people will say, emergency preparedness isn’t cheap. You are going to need a lot of stuff even if you keep it at a bare minimum. Prepping can become costly and how much you spend is up to you. The tips in this article are designed to help you save money and I can tell you firsthand that they actually work.

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Reasons To Go Off-grid

Prepper's Will - Reasons to go off-gridOff-grid living is a way of life without public utilities, such as energy, water and waste management. It is an independent way to live without all modern utilities and it promotes self-sufficiency for survival and independence. You’ve probably heard about many people going off grid, but do you know the reasons that made them go off-grid?

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Questions To Answer Before Buying Off-grid Land

Prepper's Will - Consider this before buying off-grid landWhen I began searching for a rural property for my off-grid retreat, I quickly found all sorts of places that looked promising at first glance. Everything from mountain views, to green pastures and all kinds of idyllic landscapes that I thought would make a significant acquisition. Buying off-grid land requires preparation and there are a few things that you should know before signing the papers.

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Smart Strategies To Keep A Low Profile During SHTF

How to keep a low profile during SHTFDuring a crisis, it’s much better to avoid a problem than to deal with the consequences afterward. Avoidance is the key to survival and since anything can happen to anyone regardless of where they are, it is better to learn a few strategies that will help you keep a low profile during SHTF.

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The Immediate Impacts Of A Grid Down Event – Things You Should Know!

The immediate impacts of a grid down eventIt is no longer a secret that our government is preparing for a grid down event. Such event is currently one of the most probable crises that would impact every area of our lives. A power grid down event doesn’t mean the same thing as losing power for a few hours. There are many critical things that most people are not aware of.

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How To Live Without Refrigeration

How to live without refrigerationThere are lots of reasons that could force us to live without refrigeration and this would create a lot of life changes. People will have a hard time preserving food without using a freezer. Many of them will stick to eating dry goods. If your fridge stops working due to a community-wide power outage, you might want to learn about alternatives methods to preserve your food.

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