Preparing Your Bug Out Bunker Or Shelter

Preparing your Bug Out Bunker or ShelterYou’ve probably bought or built the building you will live in if you are forced to evacuate due to economic problems or natural disasters. The next step, which requires a lot of planning, would be to stock your bug out bunker or shelter with what you and your family will need to survive.

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Ten Ways To Go Sustainable

Ten ways to go sustainableIn these uncertain times there is an increasing trend in going sustainable. More and more people are looking into how to make this trend a reality for their family. Most of the preppers and homesteaders that wish to become sustainable have seen through three generations of life in America how our way of life dramatically changed.

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Household Uses Of Vinegar Worth Knowing

Household uses of vinegar worth knowingOn today’s market you can find all sorts of complex chemicals that have the same household uses of vinegar, a natural substance that has been used in the household for thousands of years. Many people don’t know that a gallon of distilled white vinegar or apple cider vinegar can replace a large number of chemical household cleaning products.

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Three Places To Hide A Gun

Three places to hide a gun  There is a big debate online and offline about gun control and about what a citizen can do to hide a gun. About what any of us can do to avoid being left without firepower in a time of need. It is certain that bad guys will always find a way to get their hands on some reliable guns, even if a gun control policy is in effect. However, the question remains…what about the good guys?

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Planning A Shelter In The Wild

Planning a shelter in the wildIf you ever built something in your life, you know that planning is the most important part of any construction project. Building a shelter in the wild is no different than any other homestead project. You shouldn’t rush headlong into the building phase without proper planning. Before you chose a site for your shelter and start cutting down trees you should make sure you have the following covered.

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Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Generator

Questions to ask before choosing a generatorIf faced with a disaster, people will wait until the last minute to get a generator for their home. Most of them think that anything will do and boy are they wrong! Last year’s blizzard showed us how quickly people will change their mind and how choosing a generator for your home becomes an important survival task. 

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10 Best Survival Foods At Your Grocery Store

10 Last Minute Survival Foods To BuyAn emergency can strike without warning and unfortunately, most people find out too late that they are missing the essential supplies. Far too many times you’ve seen on the news how people line up in front of grocery stores hoping to get some last minute survival foods. If you end up doing the same, you should at least know what to buy from your grocery store.

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