What disaster scenarios are you prepping for?

What disaster scenarios are you prepping forIn 2013 there were an estimated 3.7 million preppers in the United States. This number has grown constantly since then. It seems that there are many disaster scenarios people fear. What seemed like an “odd” trend at first is now becoming a constant reality. Many Americans are readying for the worst and their list of disaster scenarios is growing.

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Plantain – A common weed with medicinal properties

Plantain – A common weed with medicinal propertiesAlthough it is seen as a garden weed in many parts of North America, Plantain is a powerful plant that has many medicinal uses. Even more, plantain is an edible plant that can be foraged in both wild and urban environments. Plantain is a truly wonderful medical aid and people should learn about its properties rather than pulling it out and throwing it away.  

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Becoming a leader during a crisis when others panic

Becoming a LEADER when others Panic  People will panic most often because they are ill prepared to deal with the situation that may be escalating. The reality of the situation is more than they can handle because no mental or physical preparations were ever made. In those challenging times people will look for a leader, for someone to tell them what to do and get them to safety.

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Choosing a Bug Out Location – Small town versus Isolated retreats

Small town versus Isolated retreatsIf you need to select a bug out location or a survival retreat there are two main options: small town or isolated. The former depends on some form of local infrastructure while the latter is designed to be completely self-sufficient and self-contained. Before you conclude which approach is right for your family, you should know about the pros and cons of each retreat.

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9 Vital Considerations for a Long Distance Bug Out

9 Vital Considerations for a Long Distance Bug OutIf your preparedness plan includes a long distance bug out, there are certain considerations you need to pay attention to. They are mandatory if you want to reach your safe haven.  Bugging out without having a decent preparation plan and a specific target is just a gamble and you’re betting with your own safety.

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The most powerful antiseptics you can make at home

The Most Powerful Antiseptics You Can Make At HomeWhen it comes to self-healing during an emergency situation, having the proper knowledge and putting it to good use is worth more than any survival item you can think of. The powerful antiseptics listed in this article can be made at home and they will help you treat your wounds when medical aid is not available.

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Survival Tips and Tricks learned from the Experts

Survival Tips And Tricks Learned From The Experts

I am a firm believer that as preppers and survivalists we have a lot more to learn compared to regular folks. Although I do not consider myself an expert, I like to think that I’ve accumulated enough knowledge to help me survive if it hits the fan. In this article I will share some of the survival tips and tricks I’ve learned from survival experts over the past five years.

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