7 Essential Items In Your Emergency Survival Kit

Seven essential items for survival kitEmergency sounds like a scary word and it actually is. Then wonder what would happen if you get stuck in any kind of an emergency situation, where there is no rescue and no one to help? It could be an adventurous road trip which you thought would be a thrilling one, or it could be something like getting lost in a jungle. But, there is one good way that can help you deal with such scenario. And, that is- emergency survival kit.

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20 Herbal Remedies For The Winter Season

20 Herbal Remedies for the Winter SeasonWhile the winter season brings joy to both the young and the old as families come together, it also brings some health problems we shouldn’t ignore.  We are all familiar with the common cold and the flu. The following herbal remedies will help you deal with all the problems the cold season may bring.

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Useful Survival Gear To Get This Black Friday

Useful survival gear to get this Black FridayBlack Friday is the most critical shopping day of the year. It’s the perfect time to stock up on supplies you need or get the items you want. I have been taking advantage of the Black Friday sales for the past five years to gear up and buy new survival gear. Since there are a lot of readers asking me about various survival products, here are a few of my recommendations for this Black Friday.

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How To Quiet A Noisy Generator

How to quiet a noisy generatorA generator is crucial to every household, more so for those in regions experiencing frequent power blackouts. The only demerit of most generators is the high level of noise they produce. Is there any solution to this disturbing problem? Yes! While reducing noise coming from the engine is not possible, you can reduce significantly the noise emanating from the exhaust; making your noisy generator silent.

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Wilderness Survival: Respect the Sacred Order

Wilderness Survival: Respect the Sacred OrderThe sacred order is: Shelter first – then water, fire, food. In a survival situation, you need to conserve energy and resources. If it’s late in the day or you are in a place with limited resources, what you do first matters. Panic and frustration get in the way of success in any situation, but they can be deadly in the outdoors.

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Choosing A Commercial Bug Out Bag

Choosing a commercial Bug Out BagA bug out bag needs to be loaded with all the essentials that enable you to survive for more than three days.  Since making a bug out bag requires some serious thought and planning, there are those who prefer buying a pre-packed, commercial bug out bag. If that is the case here is what you should know before making a purchase.

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Starting Your Off-grid Living With Solar Power

Starting your off-grid living with solar powerHarnessing the sun’s power has become a popular trend in the last ten years. We now have a large array of options for powering our homes using solar power. Living off the grid requires a lot of work and innovation in order to reach a certain level of self-sufficiency. Things get easier if you are able to harness the power of the sun and use it for all your needs.

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Post Collapse Professions Essential For Long-term Survival

Post collapse professions essential for long term survivalIn a world where every aspect of life has been stripped down to its core because of a national or global event, survival becomes almost impossible. Only those who have the proper skills and abilities will be able to make it and become part of the survival communities. If you have one of these post collapse professions, you can write your own salvation ticket.  

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