How to Field Treat an Injury

How to Field Treat an InjuryIt doesn’t matter what activity you are involved in or how the injury is incurred, most injuries can be treated immediately in the field. Sudden overstretching a muscle can result in acute muscle injury in the field or at home. Minor injuries, however, do not require a doctor’s help in treating. They can be treated in the wilderness with the right knowledge and supplies.

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7 Must Have Items for Wilderness Survival

7 Must Have Items for Wilderness SurvivalWilderness survival depends on your wits and what you have in your kit. Time and again, you probably have heard stories involving people who faced severe challenges in the wilderness during a hike or trip. Sadly, a lot of these stories have tragic ends. However, if people keep a few essential items in their pouch, these tragedies can be interesting anecdotes instead.

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