How To Build A Travel Bug Out Bag For Voyagers

Prepper's Will - How to build a travel bug out bagI travel a lot and even though some of my work projects happen near my home state, others will take me abroad in unknown areas. If you are preparedness-minded and you happen to travel due to various reasons, you should consider building a travel bug out bag. One that complies with various federal and international restrictions.

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Tracking Techniques Learned From Our Ancestors

Prepper's Will - Tracking TechniquesOur forefathers used many skills to survive. Tracking or “reading sign” is one of the ancient skills they left us. Some of their tracking techniques and knowledge can be found today in many army field manuals. Even though today we rely on modern technology for tracking and surveillance, their experience will become useful when technology fails.  

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Potential Bug-Out Locations You Need To Know About

Potential bug-out locations you need to know aboutIf disaster strikes and you need to bug out, to survive without facing the less desirable elements of society, you would need to have access to a vast tract of roadless land. As you will see from this article, in our country, many potential bug-out locations provide many thousands of acres of uninhabited wilderness.

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Eight Survival Myths That Will Get You Killed

Prepper's Will - Survival Myths that will get you killedYou can see more and more people wearing a paracord survival bracelet. You hear them talking about survival and prepping as they’ve seen it on TV, movies or after reading about it in various magazines. However, what the media transmits to the consumers does not reflect what real survival requires and this is how survival myths were born.

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Eight Tips for Homesteading Success

Prepper's Will - 8 Tips for Homesteading SuccessPeople end up back on the land for many reasons. Contrary to popular belief, homesteading requires a lot of hard work and passion. Many people think that today’s technology will make things a lot easier, and somehow you will not have to work hard if you decide to start on this path. While it has its place, technology is not all that it takes for homesteading success.   

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How To Find And Use Soap Plants

Prepper's Will - How To find and use soap plantsAs functional members of our modern society, we are somehow accustomed to taking things for granted. We become dependent on stores and the items we buy. Soap is one of the many items that we take for granted. If stores stopped selling this article tomorrow, we would have no clue how to make do without it. Luckily for us, there are soap plants that we can use as a substitute when soap runs out.

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Honey Badger Wheel: Amazing All-terrain Solution For Off-gridders And Preppers

Prepper's Will - Honey Badger WheelSince I’m an avid promoter of off-grid living and an outdoor enthusiast, I try to discover and share new things that would make life easier for those who love these types of lifestyle. Something caught my attention this week and I decided to share my findings with my readers. This new invention is called the honey badger wheel and it is basically a pack mule solution for hunters, preppers, off-griders and anyone who loves the outdoors.

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Survival Sanitation And How To Deal With It

Prepper's Will - How To Deal With Survival SanitationThere is a lot of information online about emergency preparedness and how to deal with various crisis scenarios. However, when it comes to dealing with survival sanitation, it seems that this subject is somehow sensitive and it’s not covered by many survival experts.

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A Prepper’s Cache, An Aid During Harsh Times

Prepper's Will - A prepper's cache, a helping hand when things are badYou did everything you can to make sure you are prepared and ready for when disaster strikes. You probably have a good supply of food and water, guns and ammo, a good bug out bag and a reliable bug out vehicle. But the truth is that we can never be too prepared and we can’t know what the future will bring. What happens if you can’t reach your bug out bag or if you lose all your supplies? If that would happen, having a cache will save the day.

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Bugging Out Without Leaving A Trail

Prepper's Will - Bugging out without a trailIt finally happened! The s*** has hit the fan and now there is mass rioting and looting everywhere. It seems that the violence it’s heading your way. Waiting to face the impending doom is not smart and bugging out is your safest bet. However, you need to make sure that no one can follow you.

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