Making Firewood – Wood Batoning Using A Knife

Making Firewood  - Wood Batoning Using A KnifeIn a survival scenario, when the stress levels are high and time is against you, even a simple action can pose serious problems. Splitting firewood to make a fire is an easy task when you have an axe, but you might not be lucky enough to have one. If that’s the case, wood batoning is the best next thing you can do and here is what you need to know about this technique.

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Fire Fuel Sources That Will Never Fail You In The Wild

Fire fuel sources that will never fail you in the wildThe ability to make a fire in the wilderness is undoubtedly one of most important survival skills that one can master.  There are many ways to create a fire and your success depends greatly on the type of fuel sources you have available. The examples listed in this article will never fail you and are recommended for all type of survivalists.

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Making A Fire Against All Odds

Prepper's Will - Making a fire against all odds_   Being able to start a fire is one of the primary skills that everyone should have. Making a fire in the wild will help you stay warm, cook food, treat water, have emotional comfort and so much more. Making a fire under challenging scenarios is a drill that people should practice because things won’t always go as planned.

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How To Make A Fire In The Wild

Fire making in the Wild         Ever since the dawn of time the ability to make fire has been one of the man’s greatest achievements as fire was a tool that drastically influenced the quality of life. In today’s modern times there are a lot of tools that can help you start a fire, from mechanical to fuel based tools and this may be the reason why we take fire for granted. We are so infatuated by technology that when it comes to simple things like making a fire in a technology free environment, we can only speculate on how one can start a fire, especially in the wild.

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