Most Common Seedlings Problems And How To Fix Them

Most common seedlings problems and how to fix themSeed starting is the most anticipated task of every gardener. However, it is also the most critical one. If you fail to grow your seedlings and nurture them, you can lose your entire crop. There are a few common seedlings problems and we all need to know how to handle them.

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Eight Efficient Food Crops To Grow

Eight efficient food crops to growBecoming self-sufficient is one of the many good reasons to want to grow your own vegetables. Nothing beats homegrown food and for many people, there’s a great appeal to growing efficient food crops. The food you grow is cheaper, fresher and often better tasting than the one you get from the supermarket.

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Honey Mesquite: A Survival Tree for Arid Lands

Honey Mesquite - A Survival Tree for Arid LandsHoney mesquite also commonly called mesquite is an amazing tree native to North America that was a key resource of the native people. If you grow this tree on your property, it will provide you with food, drink, medicine and fertilizer, just as it did for the natives.  

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Plantain – A Common Weed With Medicinal Properties

Plantain – A common weed with medicinal propertiesAlthough it is seen as a garden weed in many parts of North America, Plantain is a powerful plant that has many medicinal uses. Even more, plantain is an edible plant that can be foraged in both wild and urban environments. Plantain is a genuinely excellent medical aid, and people should learn about its properties rather than pulling it out and throwing it away.  

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Eight Tips for Homesteading Success

Prepper's Will - 8 Tips for Homesteading SuccessPeople end up back on the land for many reasons. Contrary to popular belief, homesteading requires a lot of hard work and passion. Many people think that today’s technology will make things a lot easier, and somehow you will not have to work hard if you decide to start on this path. While it has its place, technology is not all that it takes for homesteading success.   

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How To Find And Use Soap Plants

Prepper's Will - How To find and use soap plantsAs functional members of our modern society, we are somehow accustomed to taking things for granted. We become dependent on stores and the items we buy. Soap is one of the many items that we take for granted. If stores stopped selling this article tomorrow, we would have no clue how to make do without it. Luckily for us, there are soap plants that we can use as a substitute when soap runs out.

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Pioneer Gardening – How To Start A Backyard Garden

Prepper's Will - How to start a backyard gardenHaving a vegetable garden of some sort is becoming a constant reality for more and more people. Gardening has been a way of life from the earliest days of the pioneers. It seems that in these uncertain times, a lot of people are starting a backyard garden just to deal with the increasing cost of food.

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Top 10 Medicinal Herbs For Your Garden

Prepper's Will - Top 10 Medicinal Herbs for your gardenHerbal medicine has been around for centuries. Although people are encouraged to buy modern medicine, this ancient healing knowledge is still widely practiced. Medicinal herbs will still be here, long after the collapse of modern society. We should all learn how to take advantage of these healing herbs.

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Protect Your Garden From Critters

Prepper's Will - Protect your garden from critters   You make everything possible to ensure that your plants grow big and strong so you can become less dependent on grocery stores and make sure that your pantry is well-stocked. If animals ruin your hard work it can be devastating for your morale. That’s why you need to learn how to protect your garden from critters.

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Urban Survival Gardening: A Comprehensive Grow Guide for City-Dwellers

Survival gardening

What happens when the potting mix runs out of nutrients?
What about pests, especially when insecticides aren’t available?
What about winter and early spring, when even the hardiest veg refuses to grow?

These are a few of the questions that I want to tackle. I’m not a survivalist, but I am a gardener with an interest in the topic. And I’ve found that most information about urban survival gardening falls short, especially online.

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