Civil War Household Tips Worth Knowing

Prepper's Will - Civil War Household Tips Worth KnowingThe United States civil war was a difficult time for our country and people back then didn’t have the luxuries we enjoy today. Even though times were harsh and they couldn’t run to the corner market to get simple things such as cough syrup, they had the knowledge to make their own. Some of their household tips deserve to be resurrected and passed on to the new generations.

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Potential Bug-Out Locations You Need To Know About

Potential bug-out locations you need to know aboutIf disaster strikes and you need to bug out, to survive without facing the less desirable elements of society, you would need to have access to a vast tract of roadless land. As you will see from this article, in our country, many potential bug-out locations provide many thousands of acres of uninhabited wilderness.

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Eight Tips for Homesteading Success

Prepper's Will - 8 Tips for Homesteading SuccessPeople end up back on the land for many reasons. Contrary to popular belief, homesteading requires a lot of hard work and passion. Many people think that today’s technology will make things a lot easier, and somehow you will not have to work hard if you decide to start on this path. While it has its place, technology is not all that it takes for homesteading success.   

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How To Find And Use Soap Plants

Prepper's Will - How To find and use soap plantsAs functional members of our modern society, we are somehow accustomed to taking things for granted. We become dependent on stores and the items we buy. Soap is one of the many items that we take for granted. If stores stopped selling this article tomorrow, we would have no clue how to make do without it. Luckily for us, there are soap plants that we can use as a substitute when soap runs out.

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Protect Your Garden From Critters

Prepper's Will - Protect your garden from critters   You make everything possible to ensure that your plants grow big and strong so you can become less dependent on grocery stores and make sure that your pantry is well-stocked. If animals ruin your hard work it can be devastating for your morale. That’s why you need to learn how to protect your garden from critters.

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What I’ve Learned As A Prepper In The Past 5 Years

Prepper's Will - What I've learned as a prepper_I would like to start by saying that I do not consider myself and expert prepper. I firmly believe the road ahead has still many unknowns. The experiences shared within the lines of this article are my own. They can provide a clear glimpse of what it means to be a prepper. Some of these experiences may seem familiar to you because at some point, we’ve all been there.

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How To Live On A Budget As A Homesteader

Prepper's Will - How To Live On A Budget As A HomesteaderBecoming totally self-sufficient is the ultimate goal for all homesteaders and preppers. However, no matter how much we struggle, money is still part of the self-sufficiency equation. Learning to live on a budget as a homesteader is a challenge for some people. The lack of money is the number one reason why people abandon the homesteading lifestyle.

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Grid-down Event Planning – Disposable vs Rechargeable Batteries

Prepper's Will - Planning for a grid down event - Disposable vs rechargeable batteriesThe blood of our modern society is electricity. All our devices depend on some sort of battery in order to function. You will need to stockpile rechargeable batteries for when the grid goes down, but one question remains: are you sure you’ve made the right choice? Picking the right batteries can be tricky business. You need to make sure your batteries have a long and useful lifespan. Let’s take an in-depth look at the options we have.

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Back To Basics: Beans For Your Survival Pantry

Prepper's Will - Beans for SurvivalThere will be times when hunting and catching wild game will be out of the question. You will have to find another source of protein to keep a balanced diet during a crisis. When game is scarce, beans arise as the next best source of protein. You should know the following about beans and consider adding this protein alternative to your survival pantry.

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Survival Sanitation And How To Deal With It

Prepper's Will - How To Deal With Survival SanitationThere is a lot of information online about emergency preparedness and how to deal with various crisis scenarios. However, when it comes to dealing with survival sanitation, it seems that this subject is somehow sensitive and it’s not covered by many survival experts.

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Scavenging Abandoned Cars For Survival Items

Prepper's Will - Scavenging abandoned cars for survival itemsIn every disaster movie, you see a panning shot across a broad highway packed with cars attempting to flee the city. The scenario continues with people abandoning their cars and joining their fellow citizens pushing onward on foot trying to escape. What they leave behind is up for the picking. Scavenging abandoned cars for survival will help you gather essential supplies.

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