Wilderness First Aid Basics

Wilderness first aid basics

I began working on this article on wilderness first aid basics after receiving a few emails from our readers.  They asked if I would be willing to present wilderness first aid basics so that people will be more aware of what to expect when exploring the great outdoors. I will try to put some emphasis … Read more…

Pet First Aid And Care On The Trail

With warmer weather on the approach, many of us outdoors enthusiasts will be more than eager to get our rambunctious, cabin-fevered pooches out on the trail. There is nothing more appealing than having man’s best friend (be it dog or cat; that’s right, some of us do that!) out there as a trail mate. The … Read more…

Alternative Healing Aids For Your Bug Out Bag

Having a vast knowledge of first aid and being able to properly use available medication is a vital skill during an emergency situation. But sometimes, the medicine you need is not available. This is where alternative healing aids and methods can replace commercial products and save the day.

You Want To Live Off-grid? – Consider This First

Living off-grid has become one of the most popular options for the preppers out there. Every day, you hear stories about this alternative way of living. Although many people believe that when you live off-grid means to live in a cabin, in the woods without essential comfort, the reality is entirely different.