Survival Products You Should Get this Black Friday – Deals For Your Survival Kit

Black Friday is the perfect time to stock up on survival products, and there are great deals I often take advantage of to renew my gear or to buy the things I need. In this article, I’ve listed some survival products that are worth getting this Black Friday.

I’ve covered the basic survival needs, and each listed product fits in a specific category that will make emergency preparedness easier. All products have Amazon links for your convenience (just click on the button).

Even more, the products listed in this article are ideal gifts for your friends and loved ones. Since the holidays are just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about gift-giving. I always say that it’s nice to give what you’d like to receive.



grayl geopressThe Grayl GEOPRESS operates like a French press coffee maker. Fill the bottle with water, put the filter insert in place and press it down to filter and purify the water through its ion exchange and ultra-powdered activated carbon system. It removes all global waterborne pathogens and filters many chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, VOCs, flavors and odors.Tighten the cap, and you’re ready to go.


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LifeStraw Flex With Gravity Bag

lifestraw flex with gravity bagWith the LifeStraw Flex with Gravity Bag, you can get a steady flow of safe, filtered water with no pumping required. It removes bacteria, parasites, microplastics, heavy metals and organic chemicals (such as pesticides) while improving water taste. Simply fill and hang the gravity bag, attach the hose and filter, and fill your water bottle. The filter can also be used as a filter straw or screwed onto a hydration pack or standard, small-mouth water bottle.


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MSR AutoFlow XL 10L Gravity Filter

msr autoflow xl 10l gravity filterThis hard-working filter provides a clean water supply for larger groups quickly and efficiently. Ultralight and packable, it offers the convenience of pump-free filtration. The 10-liter reservoir lets you store and filter water as needed, using gravity to filter up to 1.75 liters per minute. This allows you to address other tasks while the water is being filtered. It rolls up tightly when you’re on the move, saving space in your pack. Its hollow-fiber filter meets NSF protocol P231 for the removal of bacteria and protozoa throughout the filter’s life. A pre-filter, sediment trap, and universal wide-mouth bottle adapter are included. The filter fiber has a pore size of 0.2 micron, is effective against protozoa, bacteria, and particulate impurities, and has a useful life of about 1,500 liters.

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Steripen Ultra

steripen ultraThe Steripen Ultra uses ultraviolet light to eliminate bacteria, protozoa and viruses from drinking water. You can set the unit to treat either ½ or 1 liter of water at a time in 48 or 90 seconds, respectively. Ultra is the most advanced UV water purifier around. With the ability to recharge Ultra via computer, outlet or portable solar panel, you’ll never have to buy or replace batteries again. An 8,000-treatment lamp delivers over 7 years of water purification. SteriPEN Ultra’s OLED display shows treatment success/failure, treatment status, treatment volume, and battery status.


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MSR Guardian Military-Grade Water Purifier

msr guardian military grade water purifierNot sure what the future will bring? Then, you might as well pull out all the stops for maintaining a safe water supply. The Guardian Military-Grade Water Purifier is renowned among professionals as a dependable, top-shelf purifier. Originally designed for the military, it’s fast and easy to use. It also provides the added viral protection you need, whether you’re traveling in austere environments or wilderness recreation areas. Its advanced hollow fiber filter offers the most reliable way to purify even the filthiest water.

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HydraPak Stash 1L Water Bottle

hydrapak stash 1l water bottleWhen pack space is limited, but you still want the option of carrying more water, the HydraPak Stash 1L Water Bottle’s a good option. This water bottle is 50 percent lighter than a hard-sided bottle and collapses to a small, 2-inch-high disk. However, it expands to a full-sized water bottle when you need it.


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Potable Aqua Drinking Water Germicidal Tablets With PA+

potable aqua drinking water germicidal tablets with pa+These germicidal tablets pack a one-two punch by first neutralizing any bacterial danger in the questionable water and then eliminating the “off” taste and color of the iodine additive. The tablets are proven highly effective against Giardia lamblia and other harmful microscopic “critters.” Take the time to treat your water with these disinfecting tablets, and they will help you avoid intense gastro-intestinal pain (or worse).


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Survivor Filter Pump

survivor filter pumpThe Survivor Filter Pro is a portable water filter pump that filters down to an impressive .01 micron. It uses a triple filtration system: Water first flows through a cotton mesh prefilter, then through a carbon filter and finally through a medical-grade UF membrane. It was tested in the USA to show 99.999 percent filtration removal of tested Virus, bacteria, parasites and reduces heavy metals, unpleasant tastes, and odors.It has a super Fast Flow Rate of 500 Milliliters (17 Ounces) per Minute and can be used directly from a fresh water source, pumped into an attached cup, or pumped into any portable hydration pack. It is perfect for filtering large jugs of water for the whole family

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Alexapure Pro Filter

alexapure pro filterIdeal for large groups or families, the Alexapure Pro Filter gravity-fed filtration unit reduces up to 99.9999 percent of contaminants such as heavy metals, fluoride, chlorine, viruses, bacteria, and pesticides. Simply fill the low-maintenance unit with water and let gravity do the rest. A simple and convenient tap controls water flow into your glass, cooking pot, or canteen. The filter is tested to NSF/ANSI standards and replaces easily inside the unit. The Alexapure Pro requires no electricity. It is ideal for home use or off-grid. No need to boil water.

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Sawyer Mini Water Filtration System

sawyer mini water filtration systemYou’ll be worry-free when you have this filter in hand—at least when it comes to ensuring you’ll have safe drinking water. The Sawyer Mini Filter weighs just 2 ounces yet produces huge results as you filter out dangerous pathogens and other contaminants from tainted water sources. It’s highly versatile with multiple attachment sources. Best of all, it can be cleaned and reused almost indefinitely, with no expensive cartridges to replace. Go big with the Mini Filter!


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MRE Star Complete Meal With Heaters

mre star complete meal with heaters“Survival” foods don’t get any easier than MREs (“meals, ready to eat”). These all-in-one meals contain everything you need for a tasty, filling meal when you’re away from the comfort of your own kitchen and deep into an emergency scenario. Enjoy a main entrée, a starch, snack, dessert and a powdered drink mix anytime of the day, with no refrigeration needed. When a piping-hot meal is preferred, the included flameless ration heater does the trick in minutes. No go-bag should be without an ample supply of MREs.


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Ready Hour 1-Week Emergency Food Supply

ready hour 1 week emergency food supplyEasy to store, easy to carry and, most importantly, easy for supplying enough calories to sustain yourself for a full seven days, this assortment of delicious meals includes black bean soup, white rice, mac and cheese, and traveler’s stew.

All meals reconstitute within 15 minutes, using only boiling water. The meals’ extra-long shelf life and durable, resealable packaging allow you to prepare yourself for an unpredictable future.


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ReadyWise Emergency Food Supply Grab Bag

readywise emergency food supply grab bagWhether you’re on the move or you have to get out of your house fast, this convenient, grab-and-go food kit will be there when you need a hot meal during bad times.

Just by adding hot water, you can enjoy tasty, cheesy macaroni, teriyaki rice and savory stroganoff, as well as breakfast favorites, such as brown sugar maple cereal and crunchy granola.

All products are securely packaged for protection from the elements and offer a long shelf life.


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UST 2,400 Calorie Ration Bar Pack

ust 2,400 calorie ration bar pack

When a disaster hits and food is scarce, you’ll be glad you have these ration bars. Formulated to taste great and provide you with needed energy to keep going, you can ration your intake with convenient, 400-calorie portions.

In addition, they’re not thirst-provoking, so you don’t need to rely on water to “wash” them down. They’re also cholesterol-free.

These ration bars are packaged in durable, vacuum-sealed pouches to handle hard-core transit and storage.


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ReadyWise 120-Serving Breakfast Bucket

readywise 120 serving breakfast bucketThey say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That doesn’t change during a survival situation. Now, you can have a tasty, energy-filled breakfast, even when the world around you might be a bit upside down.

Featuring such delicious offerings as strawberry granola crunch, apple cinnamon cereal and crunchy granola, these breakfast items will start your day off right with nutrients, vitamins and a full stomach, so you’re ready to tackle the day.

All foods reconstitute with hot water and are sealed within Metallyte pouches in a durable, reusable bucket.

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Datrex 3,600 Calorie Emergency Food Ration

datrex 3,600 calorie emergency foodThese emergency-use bars should be a standard addition to everyone’s survival food plan for home, office and vehicles. Designed for maximum palatability for adults and children, this food source provides needed calories and a full stomach when your regular menu items are hard to come by.

The 200-calorie bars taste great and are small, lightweight and durably packaged.

These rations are produced with all-natural ingredients and can be eaten as is or mixed with water. The vacuum-sealed master pouch holds 18 individually wrapped servings for easy distribution among your kits.


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SOS Products Millennium Bars Combo Pack

sos products millennium bars combo packEating a candy bar when your energy is low will only make you crash hard soon afterward. Instead, reach for a Millennium Bar.

These flavorful energy bars are packed with 400 calories and great fruit tastes, such as apricot, raspberry, orange, cherry, and more.

Everyone’s favorite is here. These bars are great to stock in your bug-out bag, vehicle or bug-out location.


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Mountain House 3 Day Emergency Food Supply

mountain house 3 day emergency food supplyThe general consensus is to prepare your bug-out bag with three days’ worth of food. Now, you can easily check that off your list with this incredible kit.

Consisting of 18 servings of food that provide around 1,700 calories per day, these servings offer the energy to face whatever emergency situation lies in your path.

Enjoy tasty entrees such as chicken and dumplings, chicken fried rice and beef stroganoff, as well as granola, biscuits and gravy, and more.

All items reconstitute quickly with hot water and can be eaten directly from their durable pouches.

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Peak Refuel Freeze-Dried Foods

peak refuel freeze dried foods

Peak Refuel freeze-dried meals aren’t run-of-the-mill camping rations. Peak Refuel is dedicated to providing the absolute best quality food it can in a convenient, freeze-dried form factor. Peak recipes provide nearly twice as much protein as those of their competitors … with none of the fillers and “mystery ingredients.”

Best of all, Peak meals are all made and packaged in the U.S.A. and use premium ingredients.

Their shelf lives are up to five years. With meals such as Chicken Pesto Pasta, Chili Mac, Sweet Pork and Rice, Breakfast Skillet, and Mountain Berry Granola, there’s sure to be a Peak meal to satisfy your hunger.

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Franklin’s Finest Survival Co­ffee

franklin’s finest survival coffee

To some, going without their morning co‑ ee can be an emergency in itself. But there’s no reason to leave coffee out of your long-term survival food storage supply. Franklin’s Finest Coffee has a 25-year shelf life.

The 100 percent Colombian co‑ ee is freeze-dried and comes stored in 12 military-grade Mylar pouches, providing 60 servings each for a total of 720 servings.


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Shelter, Fire and Cooking

Klymit Sky Bivy

klymit sky bivyThe Sky Bivy is a hammock tent designed to handle whatever Mother Nature wants to dish out and loads up to 300 pounds. You can customize the configuration using dual foot straps and wings. In “shade” mode, it measures 157×95 inches; in “storm” mode, it is 11 inches narrower.

Plus, the 4.7-pound bivy comes with a spreader pole that helps create an even surface.

The Sky Shelter is placed over the hammock and protects the user from rain, wind and snow.

The LayFlat hammock, itself, provides a comfortable night’s sleep. The set also includes guy lines and aluminum stakes for severe weather conditions.

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Klymit Maxfield 2 3-Season Tent

klymit maxfield 2 3 season tentThis is an extremely lightweight two-person tent. It is designed to provide a large living space without adding to pack weight. There are three internal mesh pockets for your necessities. It has a trail weight of 3 pounds, 12 ounces.

Packed up, it measures 5.5 inches by 19 inches. Once set up, the floor dimensions are 84 inches by 51 inches.

The sil-nylon fabric and aluminum hardware ensure strength and durability without adding pounds to your load.

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Snugpak Torrent Waterproof Jacket

snugpak torrent waterproof jacketMother Nature will have a tough time taking this jacket down with its totally waterproof exterior and warm insulation inside.

The Torrent features a detachable insulated hood with dual adjusters on the side and rear, deep hand pockets and hidden chest pocket for storage.

Thermal linings keep your hands toasty in the frigid conditions, while underarm ventilation allows you to vent and regulate your temperature during warmer spells.

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Ooutdoor Vitals Aerie Down Underquilt/Sleeping Bag

ooutdoor vitals aerie down underquiltThe Aerie series of hybrid underquilts/ sleeping bags has been a mainstay of the Outdoor Vitals lineup for many years. For 2020, the entire lineup has been updated with new temperature ratings, insulation materials and baffle designs.

As always, the Aerie features an integrated suspension system, allowing it to be used as an underquilt. It also includes a full-length YKK zipper to convert it to a full-coverage sleeping bag.

Temperature ratings have been expanded to range from 45 degrees (F) down to 0. The Aerie is the most versatile line of sleep systems you’ll find.

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GSI Outdoors Destination Kitchen 24

gsi outdoors destination kitchen 24This set of camp cook tools has everything you need to ramp up your on-the-trail meals to the next level. There are four sets of cutlery, so your group doesn’t need to try to eat like cavemen. The nylon spoon and spatula will help you cook and serve anything you make.

The set also has a cutting board— great for keeping your food off tree stumps. The condiment containers allow you to easily transport your ketchup or BBQ sauce.

Everything is stored in a durable ballistic nylon case that measures 11.7×7.7×3.5 inches closed and weighs 1.76 pounds.

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Eberlestock Bandit Pack

eberlestock bandit packAt 935 cubic inches, the Bandit Pack is a small, but very useful, pack that is great for everyday carry, as well as day hikes. Empty, it weighs in at just over 2 pounds, so it won’t drag you down when you strap it on.

The laser-cut MOLLE panel on the front gives you the ability to attach a wide range of extra pouches. The top compartment is perfect for sunglasses, keys and other small necessities.

The Bandit is available in black, Dry Earth, Coyote brown, Military Green and four camo patterns.

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Survival Frog Tact Bivvy 2.0

survival frog tact bivvy 2.0Survival Frog designed the Tact Bivvy 2.0 to be lightweight, durable and highly effcient.

Despite being large enough for a 7-foot-tall man, the Tact Bivvy 2.0 is compact enough to fit in the palm of your hand when rolled into its included stuff sack.

This bivvy is made with HeatEcho reflective polyester that is both durable and effcient. Survival Frog also includes a stuff sack with

Para-tinder drawstring, carabiner and emergency whistle. It is constructed with taped seams to make it waterproof and windproof. It measures 7×3 feet, weighs just 4.7 ounces and comes in green or Blaze Orange.

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Hennessey Hammock Leaf Lounger

hennessey hammock leaf loungerDesigned to be lightweight and easy to carry, the Leaf Lounger o‑ ers a quick respite from a long hike or a more extended overnight stay under the night sky.

Its patented asymmetrical shape and structural ridgeline ensure utmost comfort while providing an easy setup every time.

For use on its own or as an auxiliary storage vessel for your gear and supplies, the Leaf features heavy-duty nylon, enabling it to withstand tears and rips that are so frequent with outdoor shelters.

An included stuff sack offers printed setup instructions and easy transporting between campsites.

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Boker Magnum Bon Appetite Camp Knife

boker magnum bon appetite camp knifeThis compact and truly useful camping cutlery set includes separate knife, fork and spoon that are made of 440 stainless steel.

The three pieces are connected to and separated from each other with an innovative fastener technology.

Brass-colored bolsters combine with the dark brown laminated wooden handles to give this tool a classic appearance.


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Gerber ComplEAT Chow Tool

gerber compleat chow toolOn the trail, the most important meal of the day is the meal you are about to eat.

Gerber’s ComplEAT tool has the bases covered with a fork, spoon, spatula and four-function multitool that nest for transport as well as snap together to convert into functional tongs. Cook and eat with solid utensils that won’t let you down.


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Streamlight SiegeXLantern

streamlight siegexlanternThe Siege X is a handy combination lantern and flashlight. In lantern mode, it will illuminate a wide area with up to 325 lumens. Or, you can turn it on its side and activate the flashlight at the top for a directional beam of 300 lumens.

It also has a 1.6-lumen red lantern function to save your night vision and battery. It uses an included USB-rechargeable 18650 battery or it will accept two CR123A batteries (not included).

Can be placed on a level surface, carried or hung right side up or hung upside down.

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MSR WindBurner Stove System Combo

msr windburner stove system comboThe MSR WindBurner Stove System Combo is one of the most efficient and capable cooking systems for the backcountry.

Featuring a 2.5-liter sauce pot and an 8-inch skillet—each with a new, ceramic-coated nonstick surface—this kit is the perfect solution for cooking for larger groups.

The patented radiant burner is enclosed by the heat-capturing ring on the cooking vessels, ensuring faster cook times and high efficiency. The entire system is designed to nest together and has enough room to include an 8-ounce fuel canister.

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Zippo Emergency Fire Kit

zippo emergency fire kitThe Emergency Fire Kit (EFK) is a great option for a survival kit or bug-out bag. The water-resistant canister contains five paraffin-coated tinder bundles that light very easily. One bundle burns for about five minutes.

Each bundle is designed with holes in it so you can thread it onto the end of a stick, light it and then push it gently into your carefully constructed teepee or other fire lay configuration.

The flint wheel works just like a disposable lighter: Simply spark it near the tinder to light it. The entire kit floats on water.

There is also an attachment point so you can clip it to a pack or pouch.

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Exotac Nanospark Firestarter

exotac nanospark firestarterCooking meals during a survival situation normally requires the ability to make fire. Exotac is a U.S. company selling U.S.- made products and it specializes in fire-starting devices.

The nanoSPARK is a modern-day version of the flint-and-steel concept that uses a steel striking wheel and a replaceable flint to generate copious sparks reliably with just one hand.

Direct those sparks toward your tinder and you have fire. It can also be used to light stoves. The device includes quickLIGHT tinder tabs that can be stored in the nanoSPARK’s waterproof body.


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Biolite Camp Stove 2 Bundle

biolite camp stove 2 bundleThis innovative collection of gear offers the ability to grill, boil and cook meals while in the great outdoors and, amazingly, it also can charge your small electronic devices.

Utilizing wood scraps, sticks and twigs around your camp and even pellets, you’ll have a meal hot and ready in no time.

The GrillTop is large enough for four juicy hamburgers, while the KettlePot boils water in mere minutes.

Bundle includes the stove, FlexLight, firelighter, kettle pot, grill, instructions, USB cord, and stuff sack.

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Fireside Outdoor Pop-up Fire Pit Outdoor Grill Bundle

fireside outdoor pop up fire pit outdoor grill bundleThis amazing campsite workhorse offers patented fire mesh technology that makes your fire burn hotter and brighter due to increased airflow, and believe it or not, the entire pit cools down in under two minutes!

Offering less bulk, less weight and greater fire efficiency, this pit/cooking stove will meet all your needs and far surpass them!

The Pop-Up Pit prides itself on its simplistic yet rugged design. There are no fasteners or bolts to lose and no tools to fumble with at night.

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Minuteman Provision Company Minuteman Stove

minuteman rocket stoveWhen a crisis hits, the Minuteman Rocket Stove should always be nearby. This compact yet incredibly powerful unit mimics the output of a kitchen stove when you’re bugging out or hunkered down.

It utilizes twigs, sticks, pine cones, or any other biomass fuel that is nearly always available no matter where you are in the world.

The stove burns efficiently and smokeless, so your location will be hidden from others as you enjoy a hot meal. Built tough to withstand years of steady, repeated use.

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Coleman Rugged Series 1-Person Mess Kit

coleman rugged series 1 person mess kitNot every meal involves simply boiling water. A complete mess kit should provide more capability, and this one does.

The Coleman Rugged Series 1-Person Mess Kit includes a 7-inch frying pan, 16-ounce pot with lid, 6.5-inch deep-sided plate and 8-ounce cup. A non-stick coating makes cleanup easy.

All pieces of the kit nest together to take up less room in your pack and are secured by the frying pan’s collapsible handle.

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Knives and Cutting tools

Gerber 9-Inch Hatchet

gerber 9 inch hatchetIf you’re on the move and weight is an issue, this is the tool you need. Measuring 9 inches long and weighing 20 ounces, this hatchet is perfect for splitting small logs or driving tent pegs.

The forged-steel head is more than enough to do the job.

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SOG Camp Axe

sog camp axeThe SOG Camp Axe, unlike the company’s tomahawks, is designed for hard work. From hammering to chopping small logs, this compact axe is great for your outdoor endeavors and survival situations.

Its blade length is 3.1 inches, its overall length is 11.5 inches, and it weighs 16.1 ounces. This axe’s blade steel is 2CR13. The handle is glass-reinforced nylon, which will absorb shock.


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Boker Plus Tomahook

boker plus tomahookThe design of the Tomahook is influenced by the Celts, Vikings and Native Americans. It offers a high degree of functionality, meaning that it can be used as much more than a basic hatchet.

The upper end of the ax head is sharpened like a chisel, but it is also suited for use as a shovel. In addition, the knife-like edge can be used to skin and dismember a deer in an emergency.

The ability to engage the handle directly and securely behind the cutting edge makes a variety of finer cutting work possible. The bearded main blade allows you to take a bigger bite of your timber with every swing.

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CRKT Cimbri Ax

crkt cimbri axThe Cimbri is a modern take on a historical weapon. Patterned after an 8th-century Frankish ax, it is ready to tackle all your wood-processing chores. It has a black magnesium phosphate coating that protects the head from corrosion.

The designer, Elmer Roush, created the Cimbri after a visit to the British Museum. He paired the lines from an ancient ax with a comfortable Tennessee hickory handle to make for an exceptionally well-balanced, two-handed tool. The head is hot-forged 1055 carbon steel, and the blade is 4.092 inches. The Cimbri weighs in at a respectable 32.8 ounces.


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LT Wright Jessmuk

lt wright jessmukThis knife is a workhorse that does everything well. Whether feathering a stick, making tent pegs or batoning, this is the knife to use. The Jessmuk measures 9.5 inches long and has a 4.5- inch sharpened edge with a Scandi grind.

The blade is made of O1 tool steel. The Jessmuk will hold its edge, even under the worst conditions.

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Zero Tolerance ZT0357 Folder

zero tolerance zt0357 folderThe ZT0357 is the latest entry into the Zero Tolerance line of hard-use knives. The 3-D-machined, textured G10 handles cover a stainless steel internal frame and a stout liner lock.

The 3.25- inch CPM-20CV blade opens via an integrated flipper and uses ZT’s patented SpeedSafe assisted opening technology.

The deep-carry pocket clip is reversible for either right- or left-handed carry. The steel frame is exposed at the pommel to reveal a generous lanyard loop. The ZT 0357 is designed to be a hardworking knife while providing all the quality materials and craftsmanship you’ve come to expect from Zero Tolerance.

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TOPS Knives Three Bros

tops knives three brosTOPS knows your EDC kit is probably overstuffed, so the company created the 3 Bros to provide efficient cutting tools, as well as to give you three choices so you can match the blade to the job at hand.

Your choices are the Hunter’s Point, Tanto Point and the Sheep’s Foot. Worn as a necker or on the belt, at this size, you might even decide to carry all three when you head out the door.

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TOPS Yacare 10.0 Fixed Blade Knife

tops yacare 10.0 fixed blade knifeThe Yacare benefits from time spent in the field by TOPS’ GM Craig Powell, who designed this knife after seeing similar machetes in Costa Rica. The Yacare is made of 3/16-inch 1095 steel with TOPS’ Acid Rain finish with well-contoured handles.

The design functions well as a medium to heavy machete, and with its all-belly blade, it bites deep into vines, thickets, and wood. The wide blade, high grind, and weight balance come together to create a machete that you’ll want to use when the need arises.

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kershaw camp 5 knifeThe Kershaw Camp 5 features a 4.75-inch Bowie blade with a stonewash finish and black, glass-filled nylon handle scales. This full-tang, D2 tool steel fixed blade is 0.15 inch thick. It’s 9.125 inches long overall and weighs 5.7 ounces.

The Camp 5 comes with a black, glass-filled nylon sheath with lock, retention strap with snap closure, belt loop, webbing slots and tie holes for attachment almost anywhere. This blade is an excellent choice for your next outdoor adventure.

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Lifeline Utility Shovel Kit

lifeline utility shovel kitToss this into your trunk and you’re ready for just about anything. The shovel disassembles into sections for easy storage in even the smallest vehicle. This is a true multi-tool as it has an ice pick, screwdriver, wire cutter, fire starter, spear point, and others for a total of 14 functions.

It can be used to process firewood as an axe or saw or the shovel can be used to dig your way out from a bad spot. The canvas carry bag is sturdy and well made, as well as handsome.


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So there you have it! These are some of the survival products I believe it’s worth keeping an eye on and getting them when they’re on sale. Some of these items are also ideal gifts for your friends regardless if they are preppers, off-gridders, survivalists, or bushcrafters. So, in case you are wondering what you should get them, maybe this article will help you settle on something to gift them.

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