An Urgent And Official Call To Arms

An Urgent And Official Call To Arms  Now is the time! This is, for all concerned citizens, the final call to arms. No more wishing and hoping for things to change. It is time to take matters into our own hands and make things change. You and I are victims of a great deception that has taken place right under our noses and we are the recipients of the intolerable theft of our inherent liberty.

A great injustice has been done to all of us in this, the once greatest nation. It is time to get angry and become highly active proponents in the opposition to those in positions of authority. It is also time to set ourselves free; free from the tyranny meted out by those in charge of our future. They must be overthrown and replaced with normal, good hearted, intelligent men and women who are currently working in normal occupations and have a working knowledge of our most prized historical and legally binding documents, as set forth by our forefathers, under the penalty of their being hung by the neck until dead.

Go public, bringing attention to every wrong and unjust law in any way you can, in order to reverse the current trends and laws that are destroying this, our once great nation. Do not draw a line in the sand and say to yourself, when this or that happens, then I will do something about it. Do something now! Make the decision that your line in the sand has already been crossed and act on it. It is too late for casting votes and diplomacy. The enemy is too powerful to be beaten at their own game. A time of rebellion, shock and awe, and revolution is upon us.

The starting place is where you now find yourself. Read and study the Constitution of the United States and especially the Bill of Rights. Once you have learned from these great and noble documents begin to live their precepts, even if that means doing jail time. Bring as much attention to the injustice you are facing as possible. In your spare time read the words of your country’s forefathers. Read where and why they warned us of the banking institution (source). Learn all you can of their thoughts on your right to keep and carry guns, and why you must never let them be taken away.

It is time to get reacquainted with the true meaning of being a patriot. You are the men and women who will reestablish our liberty. Will you simply continue working at your job, going home, watching something boring on TV and then going to bed, so that you can repeat the whole process tomorrow? Now is the time to put away foolish things, take sides and stand for something you believe in. Stand up for your rights and for what is right. It is time for a little anarchy; time to realize that living under tyranny is a fate worse than death. You must quit being afraid to stand in opposition to the politically correct, powerful evil that has infiltrated every part of the government and society.

You have the Constitutional right to worship God as you choose and the government cannot make any laws respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise of it. Officials have the right to place a stone statue containing the Ten Commandments on State property and there is nothing that can be done about it based on the Constitution. The highest law in the land plainly says that the government CAN MAKE NO LAWS respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. It says the government shall make no laws.

It definitely does not say that the government shall respect no establishment of religion (source). This law is blatantly being misconstrued today and this must change now! The government cannot make any laws that hinder the freedom of speech or the press. The government can make no law hindering the right of the people to peaceably assemble, or hindering you from petitioning the government for redress of grievances, meaning you have the right to tell the government what is wrong and needs to be fixed.

You have the express right to form and join well regulated state militias to help insure the security of a free state. You have the right to keep, meaning possess, guns and to bear, meaning to carry, guns. Do you read in this, the highest legal binding document in the land, anything pertaining to the prerequisite of getting a license to possess and carry guns with you? This right shall not be infringed or attacked or hindered in any way.

The misinterpreting of our highest and most precious law documents by elected or appointed officials is nothing short of a treasonous act. Anyone with even an average intelligence can see that to leave out the part that clearly states “shall make no laws,” changes the entire meaning of the laws.  You will not convince me that high ranking political officials lacked the common sense to read and properly interpret our most basic of laws.  The laws were misinterpreted on purpose in a blatant attack on our liberty. They succeeded but we, the people, do not have to obey these false laws.

The Oligarchy you presently find yourselves subject to are about to orchestrate a planned financial and currency collapse that is a result of their illegal banking system, beginning with the so called Federal Reserve Bank, which is in no way a federal entity but instead a private company, organized and controlled by the Oligarchy serving their purposes, not the people. It is too late to destroy the Federal Reserve because the collapse is already upon us.

Survival should be your main concern in the near future, at least until the Oligarchy attempts to reassert itself through the establishment of a new currency. This currency will likely use a fully electronic system. Until that time, you all need to quickly store as much food, water, and hygiene products as you can possibly afford. It is also imperative that you have guns and ammunition at the ready. Do not take this advice lightly. Forewarned is forearmed.

The government you are currently under is an imposter having, over a period of time, taken the place of your true government in a secret, subtle, and subversive way. I am sure you have noticed that, when running for office, promises are made and as soon as they get elected, they intentionally break these promises. I am also sure you’ve seen how the powers behind the scenes keep selecting family members of previous elected officials to run for office. They keep the machine well-oiled and running perfectly as they laugh at how stupid the masses are. You owe that machine no loyalty, no taxes, and no respect whatsoever. In fact it is your duty as a patriot to see that those currently in power are removed.

When you begin to climb out of the darkest days of the collapse the Oligarchy will make their move for total control over the people. At that time, you must work in unison with others to do away with them and there machine. If you fail you will all quickly be put under the oppressive boot of the one world government in agreement with the United Nations. The highest members of the present Oligarchy are in complete control of the U.N. having worked for many years towards their goals of a one world government and its complete control over the inhabitants of earth. Power corrupts but absolute power corrupts absolutely.

This article may seem quite fantastic to some of you and the ravings of a conspiracy theorist to others, but I assure you as best I can that it is all too real. The fruit we patriots are after is high and way out on the limb, so as patriot’s we must go way out on the limb to get it. Even if we begin on a State level we must remove the enemies who represent their own interest and the interest of the Oligarchy. Going forward good people, that are Constitutionalists, need to be selected to run for every spot.

Many millions, no exaggeration, will likely perish during the coming collapse from starvation, lack of medical treatment, disease from highly unsanitary conditions, and criminal acts. The Oligarchy knows this and they have planned accordingly. They realize that the only way Americans will ever relinquish their rights and acquiesce is through a huge reduction in their numbers and by devastating the remaining population, allowing the horrors to carry on for a time before the government steps in, saving the day.

Whether you rebel before or after the collapse, there is nothing you can do to stop its arrival (source). That is why I have warned you to stock appropriate supplies and be able to defend yourself and your loved ones. It is going to get real in a short time. Will there be a rallying of patriots ready to stand in total opposition to the known enemy?  Will there be a refusal to comply with their laws and wishes? Will there be both legal and illegal confrontations?  Will the able bodied utilize guerilla warfare tactics to disrupt the government and the corporations that support them? Will subterfuge be employed in order to wreak havoc on government and corporate institutions?

Will the people get off there couches and out from in front of their TV’s and game consoles? This is the final rallying cry. Will you practice the faith you claim to believe in and become physical or will you simply turn the other cheek and take the passive road to ruin and complete socialism or totalitarian rule? We are beyond talk. We are in complete “do” mode. Action is necessary for us, the people, to even have a chance to retake our country. We have one thing in our favor. There are more of us than there are of them and that is, only if, enough people will get angry and take action. We must throw a wrench into their machine and destroy it. Get mad! Get vengeful! Get even! I don’t care what you do, as long as it is a detriment to the powerful elite.

It is of the utmost importance that you fight the powers that be, even at the risk of losing your remaining freedoms. Get inspired from within now! We need enthusiastic combatants. Become an inspiration to others. There will be martyrs created in the coming months. Do not forget what they stood and died for. Keep their memory alive.

Survival MD

After years of study on the subjects at hand, I can tell you that, in a case like this, the best tactics to be studied are guerrilla warfare and subterfuge. The people cannot defeat a standing army so a direct confrontation must be avoided at all cost. Live to fight another day.  If they throw you in jail, then rally the inmates for the cause. Enjoy your vacation at the well known Captivity Island Resort (Jail) where you get three square meals a day and a cot to lounge on.

I have high hopes that you will see an unprecedented abandonment of military posts and duties by the vast majority of military personnel as they begin a mass AWOL event. I hold out hope that law enforcement officers will also join the ranks of the revolution.  The vast majority are patriots and hopefully they will step over the line to support Constitutional Liberty.

People need to be in some agreement when it comes to a cause they are willing to support and defend. The first cause should be the reestablishment of the Constitution and, especially, the Bill of Rights. Make your cause the cause of Liberty! We can and will, after our victory, take a good look at many laws and correct every unjust one of them. We can make sure that equality is the rule, as long as the equal rights support the American way. We can make the American way something to be highly proud of once again.

We will once again be a proud and strong nation where our Flag is respected and where people pledge allegiance to it.  Before we can move forward as a great nation we must first go backwards a bit, where we can regain the things that once helped to make us the greatest nation on earth. When we accomplish that we can and will move forward in every aspect of life and the sciences. I will end this article with my Constitutional right to declare the following: God bless the United States of America!

Article and poem written by By Kenneth M. Johnson for Prepper’s Will.

Me in Harley TeeKenneth M. Johnson is a Sales Manager at a firm in St. Louis, MO. Ken has studied being a survivalist most of his life while studying many things such as battle tactics and strategy, martial arts, history, prepping, world religions, metaphysics and more.  Kennneth has a great love of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and the great liberty they entitle all U.S. citizens.  Ken can be reached by email at <>


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