Crisis Preparedness For Kids

crisis preparedness for kids

Every parent wants their children to grow up in a safe environment, but reality forces us to think about dealing with the uglier side of society. It also means we have to decide how best to protect those we love. This involves more than making sure your home is safe and secured. You also have to teach your family how to protect themselves.

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Four Favorite Survival Foods Of Preppers You Can Make At Home

four favorite survival foods of preppers you can make at home

In North America in the 17th and 18th centuries, every day was a survival situation for most people. High-calorie foods that would keep in all weather and stay fresh for long periods of time were a hot commodity. The flavor wasn’t a high priority, but calories and durability were.

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A Few Tips To Protect Gardens From The Japanese Beetle

a few tips to protect gardens from the japanese beetle

Growing along my front porch, a Virginia creeper rises up from the ground 10 feet below. It twists around 6×6-inch porch support, and once reaching the railing, branches are trained left and right to provide the south-facing porch deck some protective shade during the summer.

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How I Became A Prepper Woman

how i became a prepper woman

In the previous articles, I introduced you to some skills related to survival that every prepper should gain, master, and refresh with any opportunity they’ve got.  Now, the time has come to talk about my personal transformation into a prepper woman. I truly believe that there is nothing more valuable than sharing our own paths if our common goal is to grow into a solid and united community.

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5 Tips For Buying A Crossbow

5 tips for buying your first crossbow

I got into hunting with a crossbow by accident— literally. Several years ago, while getting my winter firewood supply, I tripped over a stump. Tumbling to the ground, I landed on my right shoulder and felt a sharp pain on impact. Long story short, a quick hospital visit revealed nothing was broken, but I was told my arm and shoulder would be sore to move and use for a while.

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Growing Healthy Eats With Grow Bags

growing healthy eats with grow bags

Containers can be tricky. They’re invaluable for those who don’t have garden space or whose soil is extremely poor. Even if you have space, there are areas where the soil is so poor or laden with heavy metals from historic mining or industrial use that you wouldn’t want to eat anything grown in it. Containers are the way to go in either situation.

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How To Store and Manage Your Survival Supplies

how to store and manage your survival supplies

A pile of oddly shaped boxes looms out of the darkened corner of your basement, and a frantic wave of nervous anxiety mixes with a rush of adrenalin flooding into your stomach. You had only minutes to spare 10 minutes ago, and now, you’re rummaging through totes full of gear that will do you no good once you’re dead.

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How To Maximize Your Microclimate

how to maximize your microclimate

Natural environments evolve effortlessly, so why oh why do we have problem areas in our gardens? Everywhere else on earth, these areas are simply places for something different to colonize. By identifying different microclimates in our gardens, we can turn these challenging areas into assets. Even better, we can increase the range of plants that will grow in our yards.

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Cooking With A Reflector Oven In The Wilderness

cooking with a reflector oven in the wilderness

For anyone with a love of food and fires, one of the key pleasures of outdoor living must be cooking. Little provides as much enjoyment in camp as producing a good meal. Even those who don’t care much for the process will appreciate the results. If local ingredients can provide at least part of the feast, so much the better.

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