How To Store and Manage Your Survival Supplies

how to store and manage your survival supplies

A pile of oddly shaped boxes looms out of the darkened corner of your basement, and a frantic wave of nervous anxiety mixes with a rush of adrenalin flooding into your stomach. You had only minutes to spare 10 minutes ago, and now, you’re rummaging through totes full of gear that will do you no good once you’re dead.

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How To Maximize Your Microclimate

how to maximize your microclimate

Natural environments evolve effortlessly, so why oh why do we have problem areas in our gardens? Everywhere else on earth, these areas are simply places for something different to colonize. By identifying different microclimates in our gardens, we can turn these challenging areas into assets. Even better, we can increase the range of plants that will grow in our yards.

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How To Create A Natural Shelter

how to create a natural shelter

Friction is necessary. Ease of life leads to complacency and the atrophy of the human will and spirit. Within our struggles lives our strength, within our trials lives our triumphs. Friction creates a platform for change, generates heat and or fervor and creates a motivational charge that gives us an opportunity to be better”- Jason Versey

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Cooking With A Reflector Oven In The Wilderness

cooking with a reflector oven in the wilderness

For anyone with a love of food and fires, one of the key pleasures of outdoor living must be cooking. Little provides as much enjoyment in camp as producing a good meal. Even those who don’t care much for the process will appreciate the results. If local ingredients can provide at least part of the feast, so much the better.

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How To Use Wine As Medicine

how to use wine as medicine

At last, we have found the elixir of health and longevity! Because of its antioxidant content, our ancestors used wine as medicine. This tasty alcoholic beverage was proven to have considerable preventative qualities regarding cardiovascular diseases, reduced harmful LDL cholesterol in the blood, and prevention of ischemic cardiac disease. As a precaution, it suffices to drink one glass a day.

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Blood Trailing Tips When Hunting Deer

blood trailing tips when hunting deer

Most hunters have blood-trailed deer or another big-game animal. Those who haven’t either have poor luck or haven’t been hunting very long. Tracking a double lunged or heart-shot deer is often simple, but marginal hits always make tracking difficult. Regardless of how long you’ve been hunting or how many perfect shots you’ve made, you’ll eventually face a challenging blood trail.

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How To Make Candles In The Wilderness

how to make candles in the wilderness

The fascination with fire, and its integral role in the success of the development of us as a species, continue to inspire and “spark” discussion across any campfire, and I am sure yours too. It’s a subject I never get tired of. It is easy to restrict thoughts on the subject of fire solely to the campfire, cooking, and warmth. However, fire also provides us with many other resources, one of which is light.

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Simple Steps For Tracking With Dust

simple steps for tracking with dust

Tracking with dust and other natural substances and using environmentally friendly substances to enhance sign, have been in existence since our ancestors used them for hunting prey. Indeed, recorded examples, ancient sketches, and cave paintings show tracking methods using powders and dust as far back as prehistoric times.

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Surviving Isolation – What The Pandemic Taught Us

Surviving Isolation What The Pandemic Taught Us

Preppers already knew they might need to undergo periods of isolation—either by choice or necessity—but at some point, circumstances could dictate being alone and separated from others. Last year, many Americans learned that becoming isolated is not just a scenario we are preparing for, and it can affect everyone.

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