The Dangers Of Isolation When You’re Bugging-In Alone

the dangers of isolation when you’re bugging in alone

Preppers are individuals who understand the importance of being ready for the possibility of going through periods of isolation, whether it’s a personal choice or a situation that forces them to be alone and separated from others.

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Tips For Prepping In The City

tips for prepping in the city

Preppers living in the city have a hard time getting their affairs in order, and they have to struggle much more compared to the rest of us. It is true that prepping in the city is complicated, but it’s not impossible. Let’s look at what you can do if you live in the city and you want to be prepared for the uncertain future.

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The Importance Of Mapping Your Home Region Before Disaster Strikes

the importance of mapping your home region before disaster strikes

Odds are, you will be in your home region when the proverbial brown stuff hits the fan. That is, in general, a good thing since you will be able to better cope with the crisis. In theory, you are familiar with your environment, and you should be able to use it to your advantage. However, being familiar with and mapping your home region are two separate things.

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Shelter In Place or Bug Out?

shelter in place or bug out

Stay or go? This is the first and sometimes most difficult question we may have to ask ourselves in an emergency. Emergency events are not only disruptive to our physical situation, but they are also disruptive to our mental status as they can happen anytime, anywhere and to anyone.

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Surviving Isolation – What The Pandemic Taught Us

Surviving Isolation What The Pandemic Taught Us

Preppers already knew they might need to undergo periods of isolation—either by choice or necessity—but at some point, circumstances could dictate being alone and separated from others. Last year, many Americans learned that becoming isolated is not just a scenario we are preparing for, and it can affect everyone.

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Restricted Body Movement – 10 Exercises To Revive Yourself

Restricted Body Movement

Several hours or days of restricted body movement can create havoc on the human body and soul. If you have ever been cooped up inside a small dome tent for a couple of days or have spent several hours sitting in some form of transportation, you know what I mean.

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Freeze-Drying Food At Home – 3 Easy Methods

freeze dried food

Learning freeze-drying food at home is one of the best things that any prepper can do. As we have said in many articles, food should be a last resort of anyone who is in danger. However, if you have already thought about it beforehand, you will not need to think about it at all. Dehydrating your food is one way to keep food in long term storage, but in this article, we are going to look at how and why you should be freeze-drying food at home.

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The Ultimate Home Defense Guide – 10 Easy To Implement Strategies

Ultimate Home Defense Guide

What does the recent social upheaval happening all over the world mean to you and your ability to defend yourself and your home? Many people’s home defense plans are predicated on a collapse of civil order…. today’s city dweller often lives in conditions that make it look like that collapse has already happened.

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Bugging In – The Number 1 Ultimate Guide


What is bugging in, anyway? The vast majority of situations that occur in our daily lives are handled without us even knowing it. When you hear sirens, the emergency services are handling all of the emergencies. However, what happens when you hear commotion and disorder, but no sirens? Of course, the first thing you do is ring them. Now, what happens when they have no resources left to handle what is going on? Large scale disarray, for whatever reason, will require you to look after yourself.

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Your HAM Radio Is The Single Most Important Item When SHTF

Your HAM Radio Is The Single Most Important Item When SHTFAnyone who has been cut off from news of the outside world will tell you the importance of ensuring your communications link. Sitting in a tornado shelter or a bunker, your need for the latest news is compounded. Try to imagine several hours or days without information on what is going on outside. Having A HAM radio will become your only option to connect with the outside world.

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Perimeter Protection Assurance – Smart Tips

Perimeter Protection Assurance - Smart TipsUnless you reside in a badass underground bunker or an old refurbished missile launch control center, chances are your property and home perimeters add little to nothing to your safety and security on the whole. This is why extended perimeter security and alarms on your property during a SHTF scenario is so vital. It could give us those precious seconds we may need to protect ourselves and our families.

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Practical Tips To Find Hidden Water When Bugging In

Practical Tips To Find Hidden Water When Bugging InThe unthinkable has happened and the brown stuff has finally hit the fan. The roads are closed, anything electrical is offline and the water pumps no longer work. You are stuck at home and your water supplies are getting low. We all need water to survive, so what do you do? These practical tips will help you locate hidden water inside and outside your home.

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Prepper’s Gear – Pressured Jerry Can Water Filter Review

Pressured Jerry Can Water Filter ReviewNot having enough water when the brown stuff hits the fan is one of my greatest fears. After all, water is quite essential for all the living creatures on this planet. As preppers, we aspire to have clean water for drinking and usage when the public utilities get shut down. I for one, I’m always looking for simple and effective ways to gather and purify water. I was hyped to receive my Pressured Jerry Can Water Filter and I couldn’t wait to test it. Here is what I discovered.

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