A Few Ways To Practice Climate Farming

a few ways to practice climate farming

If you are no stranger to gardening and homesteading, you already know that climate farming is a cutting-edge growing practice that uniquely combines permaculture, proven tenets of regenerative agriculture, and syntropic agroforestry.

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The Ever-Increasing Need For Water And Water Storage

the ever increasing need for water and water storage

Water is so vital to life that most people will die in three days or less if they do not have it. The human body contains between 50 and 75 percent water, depending on age and gender. Despite this, many of us take water for granted.

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The Global Warming Issue – The Enemy We Can’t Stop

The Global Warming Issue

We’ve been talking about global warming for the past 50 years, and we still haven’t managed to take action against this threat that may very well lead to human extinction. Global warming is here, and we can no longer ignore its worldwide effects.

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