Preserving Herbs In Vinegar

preserving herbs in vinegar

Cultivating your own herb patch might present a frustrating dilemma when you find yourself swamped with more herbs than you can promptly consume before they begin to wither. So, what steps can you take to utilize these herbs efficiently and avoid wastage?

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Hunting And Eating Black Bear

hunting and eating black bear

Bear meat was a frequent delicacy in our household during my childhood in the countryside. Grandpa had a fondness for hunting black bears, considering them the prime target among big game animals. Grandma consistently lauded bear meat as the epitome of culinary delight among game meats. With Grandma’s repertoire of mouthwatering recipes, she effortlessly substantiated her assertion.

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Making Wild Jelly For The Family

making wild jelly for the family

A variety of gorgeous blooms and berries not only catch the eye but also offer a delightful taste. Personally, I take great pleasure in gathering elderberries, the delicate blooms of common blue violets, the vibrant blossoms of redbud trees, and the autumn olive berries.

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How To Make Perfect Whole Wheat Bread

how to make perfect whole wheat bread

Many people find the idea of making bread daunting, fearing fallen loaves, doughy centers, or bread that stubbornly refuses to rise. Others who have been making bread for a while may struggle with achieving a consistent texture or avoiding a hole in the middle of their loaves.

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Canning Chicken – Here’s Ho To Do It

canning chicken here's ho to do it

As a child, my family lived in a rural area without the convenience of deep-freezers powered by electricity. This meant that my mom and grandma had to can food out of necessity, including my mom’s prized creation of home-canned chicken. Canning chicken is an economical and reliable way for those who raise chickens to make use of surplus meat.

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Dehydrated Watermelon – Tips And Recommendations

dried watermelon

Now that it’s the peak of the summer growing season and you can find watermelons, cantaloupes, and honeydew melons at nearly all supermarkets, curb markets, and roadside stands, you can pig out on the juicy delights. And each taste is made a little sweeter by the realization that within a few weeks, there will be no more melons for months and months.

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A Few Wild Beverages Everyone Should Try

a few wild beverages everyone should try

Wild teas and, more generally, wild beverages serve a number of purposes. First, if you are boiling water to make it safe to drink from pathogenic organisms, waiting for your water to cool down – particularly in summer – to have a cool drink can take too long for you to stay well hydrated.

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Carrots Growing Guidelines – Gardening Tips For Beginners

carrots growing guidelines – gardening tips for beginners

One of the most versatile of root crops, carrots (Daucus carota ssp. sativus) are delicious raw or cooked and deliver an impressive list of nutrients, especially beta-carotene, in colorful packages—from the familiar orange to purple, crimson, pink, white, and yellow as well as two-tones such as purple with an orange core.

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Tips For Harvesting And Using Chokecherries

tips for harvesting and using chokecherries

As chokecherries are found in nearly every state and climate, it’s no wonder that Native Americans (who really lived self-reliance to the max) of most tribes used them extensively. And, like ancient Indians, we also rely on these fruits of the wild orchard.

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Eating Slugs And Snails For Survival

eating slugs and snails for survival

In a survival situation, insects are far more beneficial to harvest than trying to catch meat. But there is one type of bush tucker slithering around in the undergrowth that you may be a bit more adventurous at tackling, and that’s slugs and snails.

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A few Jelly Recipes That Do Not Use Standard Fruits

a few jelly recipes that do not use standard fruits

My years in the kitchen have taught me to have fun with the old standards. With 3 children, it was a sure thing that I had to put up lots of jelly and jam, so I found and worked out a few recipes for pleasure. These do not use standard fruits.

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Tips For Harvesting and Eating Flower Buds

tips for harvesting and eating flower buds

When you’ve had a long day out in the fields, you deserve a break. And a bud. No, I don’t mean a beer. I mean a good meal, featuring, of all things, flower buds. Now before you toss this down, think about it.

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A Few Smart Tips For Making Jam

a few smart tips for making jam

On the homestead, fruits and vegetables are abundant each year, and every homesteader has to figure out ways to preserve their produce and to make sure nothing goes to waste. If you have plenty of fruits and you don’t know how to preserve the harvest, how about making jam? This article will share some tips to make sure you succeed in making jams.

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