Tips To Save Energy Use On The Homestead

tips to save energy use on the homestead

Using less energy is the most reliable way to save money and cut costs on the farm. Try these energy-saving strategies to reduce your reliance on energy and improve your homestead’s resilience.

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How To Make Survival Energy Bars

how to make survival energy bars

If you get caught up in an emergency situation after a pleasant time spent in the woods, energy bars are a great addition to your diet.

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Reasons Your Transformer May Blow Up and How to Prevent it

Reasons Your Transformer May Blow Up and How to Prevent itAn electric transformer is a static electrical machine which transforms electrical power from one circuit to another circuit, without changing the frequency. It can either increase or decrease the voltage with corresponding decrease or increase in current. Let’s learn more about what is an electrical transformer, its types and what causes it to fail.

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Your Daily Life With And Without Power

Your Daily Life With and Without PowerElectricity is the blood of our modern world and we can’t function for more than a few hours without power. We take it for granted and we assume that electricity will always be part of our life. Somehow. we forgot that our ancestors managed to live well-enough without power.

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Grid-down Event Planning – Disposable vs Rechargeable Batteries

Grid-down Event Planning - Disposable vs Rechargeable BatteriesThe blood of our modern society is electricity. All our devices depend on some sort of battery in order to function. You will need to stockpile rechargeable batteries for when the grid goes down, but one question remains: are you sure you’ve made the right choice? Picking the right batteries can be tricky business. You need to make sure your batteries have a long and useful lifespan. Let’s take an in-depth look at the options we have.

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DIY Micro Hydro Plant – An Inspiring Project!

DIY Micro Hydro plantLiving off-the grid and becoming self-sufficient in these challenging times is a dream for most of us. For a man named Manfred Mornhinweg the dream came true and for him and his family it is a day to day reality. As you will see below, he managed to build a micro hydro plant to generate electricity and power his dream.

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This Is The Next Big Thing For Wind Power Generators And You Should Keep Your Eyes On It!

Prepper's Will - Vortex Bladeless a new generation of wind power generators

Being able to harvest the power of the elements to produce our own electricity is something we all long for. We are used to see solar panels and giant wind turbines spinning in the breeze as we drive down the highway. But when it comes to wind turbines, the game is about to change. Some guys from Spain have decided to take the lead and make wind harvesting a lot less difficult. They are developing a new generation of wind turbines that we should all keep an eye on it.

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This Solar Power Generator Is A Thing Of Beauty, But Can It Be More Than That?

Solar Power Generator There is no greater sustainable energy source than the sun. Mankind has been trying to take the most from it since PV panels were invented. The following solar power generator has a revolutionary design.

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