Pet First Aid For Your Canine Companion

pet first aid for your canine companion

Our furry friends, whether they’re hunting dogs, camp buddies, trail companions, or just your park-loving pals, face similar risks to us humans. They might walk on scorching hot pavement, accidentally step on glass shards, chase after sharp-clawed critters, or end up tangled in a prickly sticker bush.

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How To Deal With Traumatic Injuries In The Field

how to deal with violent injuries in the field

The most lethal poison known to man is testosterone. It is not by chance that men make up 93 percent of the federal prison population. Most guys, as any woman will tell you, are infantile and self-destructive—sometimes for hours on end.

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Is your first aid kit outdated? – Here’s what you need to know!

is your first aid kit outdated – here’s what you need to know!

If you assembled a trauma medical kit or individual first aid kit five to seven years ago, your equipment might need to be updated. Whether you started with a simple first aid kit or you made your own by handpicking the items inside, you should go over the contents now because even medical supplies have a shelf life.

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Putting Together a Mountain Medical Kit

Building a Mountain Medical Kit

The bone protruding from the young man’s moist red jeans pulled the student’s blood to her feet. Her face became as pale as that of the victim lying on the ground. Unknown to the student, the “victim” was an artistic creation for the purpose of showing wilderness survival students how to react to medical emergencies in the wilderness.

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