How To Assess Your Property And Figure Out If You Should Install a Wind Turbine

how to assess your property and figure out if you should install a wind turbine

Windmills harvesting wind power have been around for a long time, and many people are considering this power-generating option for their homestead. However, before you dive into it, there are a few things you need to know, like, for example, if your property is suited for hosting a wind turbine.

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Portable Solar Panels – Which Is Best?

Portable solar panel

With the massive increase in alternative energy, in California solar companies grow day by day, you may want to consider a portable solar panel as a power source to add to your arsenal. Not only is it a great addition to any camping set, but they are a brilliant addition to any prepper, too. You can use them for keeping in our bug-out bag, or you can install them into more fixed locations such as vehicles. Therefore, we are going to take a look through the best portable solar panels that money can buy.

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