A HAM Radio Should Be A Part Of Your Critical Preps

a ham radio should be a part of your critical preps

On March 2nd, 2012, an EF4 tornado struck the town of Henryville in southern Indiana, virtually wiping it off the map. A second, less severe EF1 tornado followed the same path about an hour later, compounding the destruction. The storm damaged the infrastructure in the region, causing a complete disconnection from the outside world.

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Learning Morse Code and Sending The Message Easily

Learning morse code

This is the second of a two-part article on learning Morse Code. In the first part, which was published last week, the author discussed how not to learn the code and avoid causing problems for yourself. In this part, he explains how to use the aural method for learning Morse Code.

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10 Strategies For Communication Security – Don’t Betray Yourself When SHTF

Communication security Strategies

Many preppers foresee the need for CB radios in a crisis, but, unfortunately, using a transmitter can bring an enemy or predator to your doorstep. If you use a radio to communicate with another member of your party, anything you say can be used against you. It is even possible to locate you by homing in on your signal.

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HAM Radio – A Critical Piece Of Equipment For Survival Communications

Ham Radio Antenna

The worst happens. Overnight America’s sophisticated, fragile public communication systems are turned into scrap metal, high-tech junk. What happens to you and your survival group? Sure, you’ve provided for as much as you can of your own medical care, and the group is well drilled in protecting itself in the absence of constituted authority—or the presence of unconstituted authority—but what about communications?

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