How To Raise Free-Range Geese And Ducks

how to raise free range geese and ducks

When thinking about raising livestock on grass, sheep, cattle, and other ruminants might be the first to come to mind. However, we’ve discovered that pasturing waterfowl is both a gratifying and economical venture. Watching geese enthusiastically tackle pesky weeds can make you wish you had introduced them to pasture much sooner!

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Do It Yourself – Soil Analysis to boost your Garden’s Yield

do it yourself soil analysis to boost your garden’s yield

Whether you’re a veteran gardener wanting to deepen your understanding of your garden beds or a newcomer curious about the potential of a newly prepared plot, there are numerous methods to test your soil.

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The Best Gardening Methods For Preppers – Part I

the best gardening methods for preppers – part i

In our world, being ready for anything is the name of the game, and gardening isn’t just about pretty flowers or fresh veggies—it’s about being prepared for whatever life throws your way. For folks who take preparedness seriously, knowing how to grow your own food isn’t just a hobby; it’s a key part of making sure you can take care of yourself and your loved ones, no matter what.

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Empowering Women With Homestead Security

empowering women with homestead security

Amid today’s challenging economic circumstances, numerous women now find themselves spending extensive periods alone on their homesteads. As local employment opportunities diminish, primary breadwinners may undertake jobs requiring lengthy commutes, leaving their wives and children to manage the farmstead.

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Raising Your Own Beef For Self-Sufficiency

raising your own beef for self sufficiency

For many individuals managing a homestead, the role of raising livestock is pivotal for the local household economy. The selection of livestock for your property depends on factors such as your region’s climate, homestead size, accessible food sources, the potential market (if you decide to sell some animals), and your personal preferences.

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How To Grow Wheat In Your Garden

how to grow wheat in your garden

Under the blazing summer sun, I squatted in our family’s garden amidst the swaying wheat. As I harvested, the steady snipping of my shears mixed with the soft, almost musical sound of wheat straw. The airy touch of the awns brushed against my face, bringing to mind Ruth gathering barley in Israel ages ago.

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How To Make Your Own Root Beer

how to make your own root beer

Living in an area where microbreweries flourish like thriving oases in every major town, our family couldn’t resist immersing themselves in the uniquely American experience of homemade root beer.

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How To Conserve Garden Soil Moisture During The Summer Months

how to conserve garden soil moisture during the summer months

This past winter marked a record-breaking drought spanning two decades, causing significant challenges for farmers in meeting deadlines and meeting the required standards for crop size, yield, and quality. The situation worsened as the dry spell extended into spring, particularly affecting the southern regions, where rainfall plummeted to a mere fifth of the usual average.

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Small Scale Hogs Production For Food Independence And Extra Income

small scale hogs production for food independence and an extra income

When envisioning a self-sufficient lifestyle, the inclusion of raising hogs is a common theme. Whether picturing the mountain dwellers of the West or the hill folk of Appalachia, smoked bacon, home-cured hams, homegrown corn, and utilizing leftover scraps all contribute to this image.

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Raising roosters for meat

raising roosters for meat

If you find yourself with a surplus of cockerels that you don’t want to keep, don’t lose hope. With proper care, these birds can be transformed into a valuable source of homegrown food.

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A Few Ways To Practice Climate Farming

a few ways to practice climate farming

If you are no stranger to gardening and homesteading, you already know that climate farming is a cutting-edge growing practice that uniquely combines permaculture, proven tenets of regenerative agriculture, and syntropic agroforestry.

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Tips For Planting Edible Windbreaks

tips for planting edible windbreaks

The North Dakota wind howled from the southeast. The driving snow hit me like a sandblaster as I trudged outside to check on the chickens in their coop. I was at the mercy of Mother Nature’s wrath, barely able to see past the tip of my nose.

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How To Set Up A Mini Homestead

how to set up a mini homestead

The world is a frightening place, perhaps more so today than at any other time in history. We are dealing with issues on multiple fronts, including a global pandemic that is still not over, global warming, and political leaders whose motives and abilities are increasingly being called into question.

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