Living Off The Land Lessons From The Pioneers

living off the land lessons from the pioneers

The notion of “living off the land” often evokes a romanticized ideal of simplicity and independence. However, the reality of this lifestyle required specific tools and resources for survival, such as a long-barreled flintlock rifle, gunpowder, lead and bullet molds, a hunting knife, an axe, awls for stitching moccasins, and iron cooking pots.

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Survival Foods of the Native Americans

survival foods of the native americans

Native Americans have lived on the land that is now known as the United States for thousands of years, and their survival has been dependent on their ability to find food in their environment.

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Grow Native Fruits On Your Homestead For Self-Sufficiency

Grow Native Fruit

In the United States, some native fruits didn’t make the cut, and you can’t find them on grocery shelves, although these are just as good, or even better than the regular items you can buy in the fruit section. The native fruits presented in this article should be found on every homestead because they do not require special care, they can provide abundant produce, and they are part of our legacy, one that shouldn’t be forgotten.

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