Try These Old Folk Cold Remedies

try these old folk cold remedies

Throughout the last century, a multitude of family legacies brushed aside age-old cures, deeming them antiquated and dispensable “old wives’ tales.” However, many of these time-honored practices, handed down from one generation to the next, held intrinsic value. They embodied simplicity, affordability, a sense of comfort, and, most significantly, a track record of effectiveness.

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Gemmotherapy – A Natural Therapy That Nourishes And Repairs Your Body

gemmotherapy a natural therapy that nourishes and repairs your body

Discover gemmotherapy, a lesser-known yet officially acknowledged branch of phytotherapy. Despite its name, gemmotherapy has no connection to precious stones; instead, it draws its name from “gemma,” the Latin word for bud.

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Natural Remedies For Common Viral Infections

natural remedies for common viral infections

To grasp effective strategies for managing viral infections, it is crucial to comprehend their modes of transmission. Viruses and bacteria share several key similarities. Both possess genetic materials, which can be DNA or RNA. These microorganisms, categorized as pathogens or microbes, can be transferred from one living organism to another.

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Grow These Native Perennials With Pharmaceutical Properties

grow these native perennials with pharmaceutical properties

Throughout the annals of history, the indigenous peoples of North America possessed an extraordinary knowledge of their surroundings, harnessing the power of the land’s diverse flora to alleviate ailments that befell them. These Native Americans, with their profound understanding of medicinal plants, forged a symbiotic relationship with the natural world around them, employing botanical remedies passed down from one generation to the next.

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5 Herbs To Boost Your Immunity

5 herbs to boost your immunity

The following herbs are some of the most highly researched, as individuals and modern medicine alike search for answers on how to best assist the immune system in warding off illness and disease.

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Toothache Tree – Your Roadside Source Of Pain Relief And Other Survival Aids

Toothache Tree - Your Roadside Source Of Pain Relief And Other Survival AidsUp and down the roadsides, along fence rows of pastures and farms, and in the woodlands of the southern United States grows the toothache tree. It is a small tree or large shrub with beneficial medicinal properties.

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Folklore Healing – The Wonders of Onion Medicine

Folklore Healing - The Wonders of Onion MedicineAlmost everyone is familiar with the common onion. Its supremely edible qualities have universally placed it in the kitchen or by the campfire as a culinary additive or seasoning. However, few are actually aware of the wonders of onion medicine and how this vegetable can help with various health issues.

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Garlic: Facts and Uses of This Superfood

Garlic: Facts and Uses of This SuperfoodVampires, cancer, and your neighbors (that is if you breath on them), all have a single common denominator: Garlic combats against them all. Garlic is one of the earliest attested pants to be made useful by humans. It has been used as a treatment for illnesses as well as to maintain health.

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The Most Useful Methods To Prepare Medicinal Herbs

The Most Useful Methods To Prepare Medicinal HerbsHerbal medicine has been around for centuries and it helped mankind survive through harsh time. Although the modern folks are encouraged to buy top-brand medicine, this ancient healing knowledge is still widely practiced in many communities around the world. In fact, medicinal herbs will still be here, long after the collapse of modern society. We should all learn how to take advantage of these healing herbs.

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20 Herbal Remedies For The Winter Season

20 Herbal Remedies for the Winter SeasonWhile the winter season brings joy to both young and old as families come together, it also brings some health problems we shouldn’t ignore.  We are all familiar with the common cold and the flu. The following herbal remedies will help you deal with all the issues the cold season may bring.

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Plantain – A Common Weed With Incredible Medicinal Properties

Plantain – A common weed with medicinal propertiesAlthough it is seen as a garden weed in many parts of North America, Plantain is a powerful plant that has many medicinal uses. Even more, plantain is an edible plant that can be foraged in both wild and urban environments. Plantain is a genuinely excellent medical aid, and people should learn about its properties rather than pulling it out and throwing it away.  

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The Most Powerful Antiseptics You Can Make At Home

The Most Powerful Antiseptics You Can Make At HomeWhen it comes to self-healing during an emergency situation, having the proper knowledge and putting it to good use is worth more than any survival item you can think of. The powerful antiseptics listed in this article can be made at home and they will help you treat your wounds when medical aid is not available.

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Treating Wounds With Honey And Sugar- Proven Method

Treating Wounds With Honey And SugarTreating wounds using alternative healing methods will become a vital skill when there is no doctor around. Besides providing you with the much-needed food, your pantry also holds two items that will help you treat wounds: honey and sugar. These two ingredients are beneficial for cleansing and healing traumatic wounds.

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