Hunting And Eating Black Bear

hunting and eating black bear

Bear meat was a frequent delicacy in our household during my childhood in the countryside. Grandpa had a fondness for hunting black bears, considering them the prime target among big game animals. Grandma consistently lauded bear meat as the epitome of culinary delight among game meats. With Grandma’s repertoire of mouthwatering recipes, she effortlessly substantiated her assertion.

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Using A Time-Tested Food Preservation Method When There’s No Fridge – 8 Available Options

using a time tested food preservation method when there’s no fridge

Living off the grid and achieving food self-sufficiency is a noble pursuit, but it comes with its own set of challenges. One of the biggest hurdles is food preservation – keeping your harvest fresh and edible without the convenience of a refrigerator or freezer. Fear not, fellow homesteaders! There are numerous methods, both time-tested and innovative, to extend the shelf life of your food and keep your pantry stocked throughout the year.

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How To Wash Your Laundry When The Power Goes Out

how to wash your laundry when the power goes out

Survival hinges on essential aspects often overlooked in traditional guides, with sanitation playing a pivotal role. Dirty laundry is a common concern, and while washing machines have become a staple for cleaning clothes, the knowledge of how our ancestors tackled this task has faded away.

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Get Answers To These Questions Before You Go Country

get answers to these questions before you go country

Many folks living in cities and suburbs are nurturing a dream deep within them, one that involves leaving behind the hustle and bustle of urban life and venturing into the serene countryside. They yearn for a quaint farmhouse or a cozy cabin nestled amidst the trees, a place they can truly call their own, and where the tranquil pace of life reigns supreme.

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Living Off The Land Lessons From The Pioneers

living off the land lessons from the pioneers

The notion of “living off the land” often evokes a romanticized ideal of simplicity and independence. However, the reality of this lifestyle required specific tools and resources for survival, such as a long-barreled flintlock rifle, gunpowder, lead and bullet molds, a hunting knife, an axe, awls for stitching moccasins, and iron cooking pots.

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Things To Know Before You Put Any Money Down For A Country Property

things to know before you put any money down for a country property

Many city dwellers and suburbanites fantasize about packing up their belongings and moving to the countryside, where they can find a small farm or a cabin in the woods to call their own and enjoy the peace and quiet.

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How To Dig A Well To Secure Your Water Supply

how to dig a well to secure your water supply

We here in the United States have no idea how fortunate we are. Most people do not consider how easy it is to go to the kitchen faucet and obtain a glass of pure water, and this is something that we take for granted.

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Top 10 Essential Off-Grid Tools To Have On Hand

top 10 essential off grid tools to have on hand

We live in a power-driven environment, and energy sources, especially electricity, govern our daily lives. We cannot go a single day without being affected by electricity. It powers our homes and all of the electronics we use on a daily basis, and it pushes our industry forward.

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Tips For Assembling A Solar Generator

tips for assembling a solar generator

Some preppers and off-gridders will opt for a solar generator to produce electricity for their homes, but they may have trouble putting one and one together if they don’t buy a ready-to-use kit. If you want to buy the components and build your own solar generator, this article will help you figure out the basics.

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How To Deal With Wild Animals In The Mountains

how to deal with wild animals in the mountains

Over millennia, mankind has developed the ability to adapt to the environment and use its resources to its advantage. The mountains are one of these environments.We can sometimes bend the mountains to our will, but more often than not, we must change ourselves as well as our approach to mountain living and exploration.

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Learn The Following Pros And Cons Before Buying A Chainsaw

learn the following pros and cons before buying a chainsaw

When my wife and I purchased our rural 43 acres, both of us were hit with a range of emotions. It was a big step financially, and it suddenly dawned on us that it was going to take time and physical effort to make our homestead dream come true.

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How To Assess Your Property And Figure Out If You Should Install a Wind Turbine

how to assess your property and figure out if you should install a wind turbine

Windmills harvesting wind power have been around for a long time, and many people are considering this power-generating option for their homestead. However, before you dive into it, there are a few things you need to know, like, for example, if your property is suited for hosting a wind turbine.

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Living Without Electricity With The Help Of 19th Century Knowledge

living without electricity with the help of 19th century knowledge

Many people today can’t even imagine what living without electricity would be like since electricity is the blood of our modern world. However, it’s still possible to live without electricity if we put to good use the knowledge of our ancestors.

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