How To Wash Your Laundry When The Power Goes Out

how to wash your laundry when the power goes out

Survival hinges on essential aspects often overlooked in traditional guides, with sanitation playing a pivotal role. Dirty laundry is a common concern, and while washing machines have become a staple for cleaning clothes, the knowledge of how our ancestors tackled this task has faded away.

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The Dangers Of Isolation When You’re Bugging-In Alone

the dangers of isolation when you’re bugging in alone

Preppers are individuals who understand the importance of being ready for the possibility of going through periods of isolation, whether it’s a personal choice or a situation that forces them to be alone and separated from others.

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Movement And Tactics For Your Survival Group – Part II – Ambushes and Raids

movement and tactics for your survival group – part ii – ambushes and raids

Welcome back, fellow survival enthusiasts! In the initial segment of our tactical exploration, we navigated through indispensable strategies such as recon patrols and security measures, equipping you with the knowledge to fortify your preparedness against potential threats. The journey continues, and as promised, we now embark on the second chapter of our tactical odyssey.

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How To Survive Winter’s Fury

how to survive winter's fury

Snow can be a lovely part of winter, but when there’s too much, it can become dangerous. Light snow can quickly turn into a powerful blizzard. Unlike other types of storms in the United States, snow also brings the risk of extreme cold.

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Ammo Storage Tips For The Conscious Gun Owner

ammo storage tips for the conscious gun owner

If you’re someone who stockpiles ammunition in case of unexpected national problems or simply keeps extra cartridges for hunting, it’s essential to take good care of your ammunition. If you don’t, you might run into issues later on.

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How To Find Food In Any Environment

how to find food in any environment

You’re the kind of person who’s always organized and ready for whatever life throws your way. You’ve planned meticulously for all sorts of scenarios, but none could have prepared you for the sudden fire. Your trusty bug-out bag (BOB) in the car’s trunk went up in flames alongside everything else when your overheated vehicle turned into an inferno.

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Properly Assessing Your Survival Zone

properly assessing your survival zone

When you suddenly find yourself thrust into a life-or-death survival situation, the experience can be overwhelming, sending shock waves through your mind and body. Panic can grip you in an instant, and it feels like your very existence is hanging in the balance.

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Everyday Survival In High-Rise Buildings

everyday survival in high rise buildings

The memories of individuals jumping from the Twin Towers on September 11th will always trouble us. Are we genuinely secure in these contemporary steel and concrete structures, or are we essentially residing in steel and concrete tombs?

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Why Freeze-Drying Might Be Just What Preppers Need

why freeze drying might be just what preppers need

In recent years, there’s been a lot of buzz among preppers on social media about a new kitchen gadget. People have been curious about whether it’s worth the price and how well it works for the average prepper.

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Tools Needed After A Natural Disaster Affects Your Area

tools needed after a natural disaster affects your area

In the aftermath of a devastating disaster, the landscape is strewn with wreckage and the echoes of desperate cries for help fill the air. Amidst this chaos, it becomes crucial to gather an assortment of essential tools in order to embark on the arduous task of clean-up and restoration.

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A Few Ways To Use A Condom In A Survival Scenario

a few ways to use a condom in a survival scenario

Your ability to improvise is crucial as a survival skill. The outcome of sudden survival scenarios is often determined by your resourcefulness in utilizing available items to fulfill your needs. Like any other survival skill, practice is key to achieving perfection.

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6 Common Prepping Mistakes You Should Avoid

6 common prepping mistakes you should avoid

In our ever-evolving world, it seems that each passing day brings an influx of individuals seeking solace within the embrace of preparedness. They flock towards the notion, so to speak, driven by the mounting uncertainties that loom over our existence. It comes as no surprise that people are yearning to equip themselves with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively weather emergencies and navigate through crises, be they colossal or minuscule in scale.

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Edible Desert Plants You Can Safely Use When There’s No Food

edible desert plants you can safely use when there's no food

The United States of America is home to some of the most diverse and fascinating landscapes on the planet, and the deserts are no exception. These arid regions cover vast swathes of land across the country, with some major areas being particularly renowned for their unique flora.

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