Shelter Building With Balecob

shelter building with balecob

We’re living in a thrilling era for natural building! Although constructing with earth has been a worldwide practice for centuries, its resurgence in the Western Hemisphere is relatively recent, spanning just the past 30 to 40 years. During this period, development was often hindered by building codes and regulations that weren’t designed with natural or sustainable construction in mind.

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How To Create A Proper Winter Shelter

how to create a proper winter shelter

Finding the right words to describe the bone-chilling cold that could freeze a man to death on a cold winter night is often difficult. I believe we can all agree that this type of cold is dangerous enough that if you are caught off guard and unprepared, it can be fatal.

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Build Your Own Survival Shack – DIY Project

Diy Survival Shack Project

The glow of a lantern light joins the flicker and crackle of the fire in a potbelly stove to keep you company while your boots dry by the stove, and the November wind howls outside. Warm and comfortable, you’ll get a good night’s rest in the cabin, ready to get out to your stand at the crack of dawn.

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