How To Organize Your Survival Community

how to organize your survival community

In the prepping community, there’s a lot of debate regarding the outcome of a disaster scenario, and history has taught us how to prepare for such events and learn from the mistakes of others. However, the aftermath of a disaster can vary depending on the event that led to a post-apocalyptic world.

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How To Make Your Workplace Safer

how to make your workplace safer

We think a lot about various types of survival scenarios, and we make all sorts of assumptions regarding how such scenarios will unfold. We try to prepare as best as we can, but we fail to realize that a crisis can take us by surprise, and we might not find ourselves in a place of our liking. When it comes to workplace prepping, this topic is hardly being discussed by folks out there.

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Shelter In Place or Bug Out?

shelter in place or bug out

Stay or go? This is the first and sometimes most difficult question we may have to ask ourselves in an emergency. Emergency events are not only disruptive to our physical situation, but they are also disruptive to our mental status as they can happen anytime, anywhere and to anyone.

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How To Make A SHTF Plan

How To Make A Shtf Plan

Surviving anywhere in the world requires a good amount of survival knowledge and a good set of skills. However, without proper planning, your odds of success are pretty slim. Making a SHTF plan is mandatory no matter where you find yourself and no matter how much time you have at your disposal.

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