The Most Valuable Skills That Will Be In High Demand After The Collapse

the most valuable skills that will be in high demand after the collapse

In the wake of the industrial revolution and the continuous march of technological advancement, our society has undoubtedly flourished. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that amidst this progress, there lies a vulnerability: many of the conveniences we enjoy today may vanish in the event of an economic or civil collapse.

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How To Survive A Kidnapping Situation

how to survive a kidnapping situation

Experiencing abduction or detainment at the hands of criminals or terrorists is an inherently perilous and terrifying ordeal. Preparing for such a situation proves challenging by conventional standards, as the element of unpredictability looms large. When faced with a gunpoint scenario, be it during a robbery or orchestrated by political extremists, accessing your survival kit becomes an impractical feat.

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Busting 7 Winter Myths To Ensure Proper Survival

busting 7 winter myths to ensure proper survival

If you’ve ever found yourself pondering the veracity of the age-old anecdotes and advice circulating around the topic of winter survival, you’re in the right spot. It’s crucial to arm yourself with knowledge well before facing a real-life survival scenario in the chilly months.

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A Few “Survival” Beverages That Are a Must For Your Pantry

a few survival beverages that are a must for your pantry

There is a wealth of information available on food storage, offering various recommendations for the types of foods to stock up on in preparation for unforeseen circumstances. However, the discussion around “survival beverages” is notably lacking.

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How To Wash Your Laundry When The Power Goes Out

how to wash your laundry when the power goes out

Survival hinges on essential aspects often overlooked in traditional guides, with sanitation playing a pivotal role. Dirty laundry is a common concern, and while washing machines have become a staple for cleaning clothes, the knowledge of how our ancestors tackled this task has faded away.

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Five Reasons Why Most Preppers Won’t Survive A SHTF Event

five reasons why most preppers won’t survive a shtf event

In the world of prepping, where individuals strive to be self-sufficient in the face of unforeseen disasters, there exists a common misconception that thorough preparation guarantees survival. However, the reality is far more complex, as evidenced by the startling fact that many preppers may find themselves ill-equipped to weather a SHTF (Sh*t Hits The Fan) event successfully.

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Movement And Tactics For Your Survival Group – Part II – Ambushes and Raids

movement and tactics for your survival group – part ii – ambushes and raids

Welcome back, fellow survival enthusiasts! In the initial segment of our tactical exploration, we navigated through indispensable strategies such as recon patrols and security measures, equipping you with the knowledge to fortify your preparedness against potential threats. The journey continues, and as promised, we now embark on the second chapter of our tactical odyssey.

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Movement And Tactics For Your Survival Group – Part I

movement and tactics for your survival group – part i

I’m not particularly fond of delving into tactical discussions, mainly because many professionals often label themselves as experts. In my perspective, claiming expertise requires experiencing every conceivable situation, a feat accomplished by very few individuals.

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Staying Warm In The Wilderness Using 10 Simple Methods

staying warm in the wilderness using 10 simple methods

Staying warm is something you should always prioritize when spending time outdoors. This holds true regardless of your location, unless you’re lucky enough to reside very close to the equator.

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Cattail – A Handy Survival Plant

cattail a handy survival plant

The cattail, an unassuming wetland plant, holds a place in our collective consciousness that extends far beyond the boundaries of botanical knowledge or expertise in foraging wild edibles. Its unpretentious presence resonates with people from all walks of life, endearing itself as an icon of seasonal transition and nature’s intrinsic beauty.

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How To Find Food In Any Environment

how to find food in any environment

You’re the kind of person who’s always organized and ready for whatever life throws your way. You’ve planned meticulously for all sorts of scenarios, but none could have prepared you for the sudden fire. Your trusty bug-out bag (BOB) in the car’s trunk went up in flames alongside everything else when your overheated vehicle turned into an inferno.

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Dog Food As Survival Food?

dog food as survival food

For the majority of individuals, the mere notion of willingly consuming dog food elicits a strong sense of revulsion. Despite our pets’ endearing qualities such as cuteness, charm, playfulness, and their status as cherished members of our families (sometimes even surpassing certain humans), dogs can possess rather repulsive habits.

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Bugging Out With A Baby

bugging out with a baby

We often find ourselves captivated by tales of a lone survivor bugging out in the apocalypse, whether it’s a man and his trusty long-life friend or perhaps a canine companion by his side. He’s the quintessential American hero, always embroiled in dangerous situations and doing what he must to survive.

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