5 DIY Skills That Are Useful in Any Situation

5 DIY Skills That Are Useful in Any SituationThere is an uncountable amount of DIY skills that can come in extremely useful in your everyday life.  Some are more crucial and have a wider range of uses than others however – so here’s 5 DIY skills that are useful in any situation.


Being able to paint, and paint well, is a gateway to several useful DIY tasks.  Everyone’s house needs some maintenance now and then, and being able to do your own painting will save you a lot of money.  Whether it’s the interior or the exterior, the benefits of being able to do it yourself are endless.  Many homemade DIY projects would be left incomplete if you were unable to finish them off with a touch of paint.

Unblocking Drains and Toilets

A blocked drain or (even worse) a blocked toilet is something that we never really think about until we have to face it, so it’s best to prepare yourself.  Sometimes drains can become blocked over time, and sometimes the blockage will be instantaneous – so knowing how to unlock one is invaluable.  There are several things that can lead to a drain or toilet blockage, including food, grease, hair, etc.  You might accidentally block a drain in a friend’s house or in a hotel, so this skill really is useful in any situation.


Being able to use a drill is vital, whether you’re doing constructive or repair work.  Once you’re comfortable, you’ll be able to assemble your own furniture, put up shelves, hang pictures, and make general repairs around the house.  The more ambitious your DIY project plans are, the higher the likelihood you’ll be required to use a drill.  The key to honing the skill is practice, which can be done by using some old scrap wood.

 First Aid

This one, quite literally, can be a matter of life and death! Undergoing a brief training course in first aid can be an invaluable experience.  At home, being able to perform CPR or knowing how to react to a sudden illness can provide a massively important level of protection for your family.  Its usefulness extends far beyond the home too – to the workplace and to society as a whole.  It truly is useful in any situation, as you can never have enough people who can provide emergency aid in public places.

 Backing Up Data

This one is a bit different, and the only virtual DIY skill on the list, but it’s no less important! Backing up data is crucial in every area of your life, whether it be home or work related.  Like unblocking drains, many of us don’t considering backing up data until it’s too late, and information vital to us is permanently lost.  There are a variety of ways to have a viable backup for your virtual data.  It’s possible to purchase an external hard drive or use one of several online programs which allow you to upload your data to the ‘cloud’ (i.e. Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.).

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