The Best Survival Knives in 2022

the best survival knives in 2022

As many avid survivalists will tell you, having well-stocked food and water supplies is essential. These same survivalists will also mention having ample ammunition and dependable firearms at the ready. If you’re beginning your prepper journey, including a pistol and a month’s supply of ammunition is something you’ll undoubtedly want to include in your bug-out supplies. 

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Survival Products You Should Get this Black Friday – Deals For Your Survival Kit

traveler set

Black Friday is the perfect time to stock up on survival products, and there are great deals I often take advantage of to renew my gear or to buy the things I need. In this article, I’ve listed some survival products that are worth getting this Black Friday.

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A Few Reasons To Get A Mule For Your Homestead

a few reasons to get a mule for your homestead

I’ve officially put both feet in the stirrups of the equine world. In the last year, I’ve purchased two mules. Both animals are very different and at different levels of training. The first is what is known as green broke, and the other is totally unstarted.

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Solar Power Requirements For An Off-Grid Home

Solar Power Requirements For An Off Grid Home

Most of us, at one point or another, dream of owning a cabin in the backwoods. Be it a hunting camp, a vacation spot, or a place to live for all or part of the year, and such a lifestyle is appealing to just about anyone who enjoys the outdoors.

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5 Essential Tips to Living Frugally and Preparing for What’s to Come

Being frugal for a better future

Prepper or not, learning about frugality is crucial. Preppers are mainly gearing up for the apocalypse, and the current COVID-19 pandemic a vindication of their years of preparation. Stockpiling weeks or months’ worth of supplies, investing in survivalist skills or bunkers, packing a get-home bag, and prepping to survive doomsday involve money one way or another.

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Solar Powered Radio – Which Should You Choose?

kaito kaito voyager solar crank radio green

As a prepper, you will know that it is vitally important to keep up do date with the news. That allows you to be more informed about the situation as it develops and will enable you to stay ahead of the problem, too. We all know that the radio is the best option for when SHTF, and we think that the solar-powered radio is the best choice. Every prepper should have one in their bug-out bag, and if possible, everyone else should have one, somewhere.

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Portable Solar Panels – Which Is Best?

Portable solar panel

With the massive increase in alternative energy, in California solar companies grow day by day, you may want to consider a portable solar panel as a power source to add to your arsenal. Not only is it a great addition to any camping set, but they are a brilliant addition to any prepper, too. You can use them for keeping in our bug-out bag, or you can install them into more fixed locations such as vehicles. Therefore, we are going to take a look through the best portable solar panels that money can buy.

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HAM Radio – A Critical Piece Of Equipment For Survival Communications

Ham Radio Antenna

The worst happens. Overnight America’s sophisticated, fragile public communication systems are turned into scrap metal, high-tech junk. What happens to you and your survival group? Sure, you’ve provided for as much as you can of your own medical care, and the group is well drilled in protecting itself in the absence of constituted authority—or the presence of unconstituted authority—but what about communications?

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Buying Your First Gun: A Beginner’s Buying Guide for Guns

Buying a new gun

Knowing which gun to buy can be challenging, especially if you are a beginner in the world of firearms. If that is your current predicament, then we are here to help! In this article, we will give you some tips to guide you through buying your first gun.

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How Preppers Can Get Rid of Debts

How Preppers Can Get Rid of Debt

The common saying, “hope for the best but prepare for the worst,” could also suit prepper’s way of life and planning for the future. On financial matters, there are very high chances that unforeseen circumstances may arise that can throw us off balance, thus the need for prepping.

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When the World Ends, What Value is Money?

The value of money when you are in debt

Survivalists often seem to be preparing for national calamities or the collapse of society. However, it is wise to examine how well prepared we are for milder occurrences like an economic recession. They say that money is the root of all problems, but for the prepared individual, that might not be the main concern.

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The Gurkha Kukri Knife – An All-around Survival Knife

The Gurkha Kukri Knife - An All-around Survival KnifeAfter buying my second Gurkha Kukri knife, my wife started saying that I have a knife obsession and I have too many of them. I tried to explain to her that finding a perfect survival knife is an ongoing search and it’s just like finding the perfect partner in life. She didn’s seem too much impressed by my explaining, and she still thinks I should stop buying knives. Well, what can you do…

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From Survival Watches to Solar Power: Innovative Technologies A Prepper Can Count On

From Survival Watches to Solar Power: Innovative Technologies A Prepper Can Count OnAs consumers, we are in a hurricane of products. Each year companies are pressured to put out more gear and better gear. They have stakeholders to please, so they must sell that gear, too. If you are doing your homework, you will find great new gear for your bugout bag each year. There will always be those staples that just get the job done. Still, it’s important that you take advantage of the advances in technology.

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