Canvas Tents for Emergency Preparedness

Spending time in the great outdoors can not only be fun and adventurous, but it can also contain some of the most rewarding and relaxing experiences you will have all year. There are plenty of fantastic ways to spend time outside, and going camping is one of the very best.

On a camping trip, you can enjoy a warm campfire, experience beautiful nature hikes, and even try your luck at fishing. Camping can also prepare you for real emergencies that may cause you to have to leave your home. Proper preparation is crucial to being comfortable, keeping yourself healthy, and staying safe during emergencies.

Camping needs

One of the most important ways to ensure comfort while camping or in an emergency is purchasing a high-quality tent. There are hundreds of different tents on the market, so you will want to make sure you get one that not only suits your needs but is reliable enough to last you for years. You should also consider how many people will typically go camping with you to know if you should invest in a group-camping tent or something smaller.

If you do feel like you should get a tent more suited for group camping, you may want to look into buying a canvas wall tent. Wall tents are great for comfortably fitting several people (with plenty of headroom) as well as all the other camping items you should have with you.

Perhaps the best thing about wall tents is that they allow room for a wood stove, which is particularly ideal for winter camping or if you are in cold weather during an emergency. Not only will a wood stove keep you warm throughout the night, but it can also be great for boiling water to make coffee or cocoa to warm you up on a cold morning or for anything else you may need.

men in a tent

Proper tent

There are many high-quality and reasonably priced wall tents on the market, including excellent canvas wall tents from Elk Mountain Tents. Elk Mountain’s canvas tents are available in three different sizes (13×13, 13×16, and 13×20), making them a good option for various group sizes. Each tent has either 4 or 6 windows, depending on the size you get.

They include stove jacks that can be covered up with ease, and each of their tents also comes with a high-quality wood stove shipped along with it at no extra cost. The canvas the tents are made from is much stronger, more waterproof, and more durable than many other types of canvas that tents are made from. It is reinforced at the bottom to ensure that nothing leaks in, and does not grow mold or mildew as typical cotton canvas does.

For such a large tent made from canvas, it is remarkably lightweight (the 13×16 option is only 60 lbs.) and inexpensive (they usually run from $745-$1245, depending on the size and accessories). They are sure to last you a long time and keep you comfortable and warm if an emergency does occur.

If you don’t expect to have large groups with you or if you only have a few people in your household, then you might want to buy a smaller tent. While not as roomy as group tents, you can undoubtedly find an assortment of high-quality 1-3 person tents that are sure to last you for years.

Some tents are durable enough to last during any season of the year, and some tents are lightweight enough to take with you on a backpacking trip. If you want a tent that you can camp in during any season of the year, you should take a look at Eureka’s Mountain Pass two-person tent.

This tent has adjustable panels and ventilation, allowing for the perfect amount of comfort no matter the time of year or the weather outside. If you want something that you can easily transport, you may want to try Eureka’s Midori two-person tent.

It can be purchased for $160 and has two large doors and plenty of room to comfortably store your gear while you are sleeping. Whatever your outdoor plans are, you can find a nice small tent to suit your needs for $200 or less.

Other needs

The American Red Cross proposes three important parts to emergency preparedness. They include making sure you have an emergency kit, making a plan, and staying informed on the weather and conditions in the area where you are camping.

If you enjoy spending time in the great outdoors, you likely already have the things you will need for an emergency kit, but you want to make sure they are all together in a convenient location. One of the most important things to make sure you have is plenty of food and water.

You should have enough water supplies in your emergency kit for each person to have a gallon every day. Dehydrated food is good to have, but it could be just as good to have canned food, as long as your kit includes a can opener. Make sure you also have a camping stove as well as pots, pans, cups, plates, and utensils.

First aid is another crucial part of emergency preparation. You never know what may occur, so you need to prepare for the worst. This involves making sure you have a first aid kit with your emergency supplies, but it also should include any prescription medications as well as items like eyeglasses or contacts if you are prescribed those. Sanitary products are must-have, such as hand sanitizer, waste bags, and moist towelettes.

Communication is another necessary part of emergency preparation. Luckily, in this day and age, communication is easier than ever, as most homes have at least one cellphone. Make sure that you do bring any cellphones you have with you, as well as chargers. For emergencies where you don’t have cell service or your battery is dead, you will want to have two-way radios as well as a hand-crank or battery-powered radio. You should also have a light source, either a flashlight or a headlamp, as well as extra batteries.

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In a waterproof container, you should keep certain essentials such as any important documentation (including passports, Rx lists, etc.), cash, local maps, and keys to your car and house.

Lastly, you should make sure you have things to take care of kids and pets (if applicable). If you have infants, make sure you have some formula and a bottle with your food supplies as well as diapers. If you have pets, make sure you have food and water for them. Have books and games handy to keep children entertained.

It is a vital part of the preparation to have a specific plan in case an emergency does occur. Your plan will vary based on your individual and household needs. You should figure out what would be best for the place you live and the number of people you live with.

Figure out what your plan for shelter is, whether you will stay in a tent, shelter, or another house out of town. Look at what the quickest and safest way to evacuate your home would be, and decide what would be the best way to find shelter quickly.

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Don’t forget about this

You should also make a list of people you can contact in case of an emergency. You should have at least one who lives outside of town in case local communication networks are busy, which they often can be when there is an emergency.

After putting your plan together, practice evacuating the house and meeting at the safe place you have designated. Review the plan with everyone living in the house and make sure that if an emergency were to occur, everyone would know what to do.

Make sure you know all you need about emergency warnings and alerts, as well as disasters that could potentially occur in the area where you live.

Proper preparation is ultimately the most key thing in being able to stay safe, healthy, and comfortable in times of emergency, so get preparing today! And after purchasing a tent, go camping a few times as something of practice in case you do end up in a difficult situation.

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