How Can Paintball Tactics Improve Your Survival Skills

How Can Paintball Tactics Improve Your Survival SkillsPaintball passionates can always learn more tactics to ace the game. Furthermore, besides getting better at the game, the new techniques can also improve one’s survival skills. The first time you enter the game or a paintball field, you might not know what to expect. You are surely curious about the right outfit, equipment, and tactics you should use, but how can this help you improve your survival skills in the long run?

Each paintball field is different. Therefore, if you do your homework before you start your first game, you will know exactly what to prepare for. The first thing you need to worry about is the gear. This website: can help you learn a lot about paintball equipment. Read the information carefully presented and you will definitely be more prepared for the game. With good preparation comes the chance of winning the game.

1.    What to Expect

First, when you decide to play for the first time, make sure you make an appointment because many fields may already be scheduled. If you have a group of friends and they also want to engage in this fun activity, you should sign up the whole group. If you are wondering what to wear, you should know that it all depends on the field. First-time players generally feel very comfortable when wearing a sweatshirt and jeans.

The sweatshirt will cushion any possible hit you may get. Whatever you wear, make sure that it is something that you do not really care about because your clothes may get all dirty and deteriorated after a paintball game. After you register, you will receive the renting equipment and you will be asked to fill out a waiver. The waiver proves you agree with the risks the game implies. Furthermore, the waiver makes you aware of those risks and you have to sign it, indicating that you agree to play.

A case of paintballs generally holds 2000 rounds and bags contain about 500 rounds. Paintball fields sell paintballs by the bag of 500. After signing up, you will receive a paintball gun, mask, barrel cover, hopper and a compressed air or CO2 tank. Then, you will get familiar with the safety rules. Some fields provide a video or verbal overview with the needed instructions from one for the field referees or field managers.

2.    When the Paintball Game Starts

The referees split the participants into teams and then they explain them the rules of the game. Teams would wear different armbands, or they would simply be placed on opposite ends of the field. When the players establish an objective, the referee will call it “Game on!” and the game begins. The main purpose of the game is for the players to achieve the objective they have set in the beginning, while trying to eliminate the opposite team.

When players get hit with a paintball and it breaks, they are out of the game. A player who was eliminated by being hit with a paintball needs to move to the “dead area”. Generally, this area is behind a protective net. Even if you step into the dead area, you need to continue to keep your mask on at all times. Finally, when the game is over, players can put their barrel plug back on and remove their masks.

After you play this game a few times and you feel it is the right fit for you, you will learn numerous great tactics that will help you in everyday life. The defense techniques you learn will help you in case you are in trouble.

3.Useful Survival Techniques Learned from Paintball

Penetration of the Center

When using this maneuver, you have to concentrate the superior force at the center of the opposing line to make sure you punch a hole. Then, you need to exploit the gap with a reserve force. This is a popular maneuver in case the flanks of the field are protected by obstacles like rivers.

The advantages, in this case, include the possibility of encircling parts of the opposing army. You can also assault the rear bases and even come up with an alternative objective to frighten the commander.

This technique can help you improve your organizational skills. Furthermore, you will learn how to surpass obstacles and maintain your calm in critical situations. Even if you may feel like your team is losing at some point, you need to keep pushing. Your comrades need to mobilize and be more united.

Envelopment of a Single Flank

This maneuver relies on pinning attacks on the opposing center. Players need to use mobile forces to try and turn the other flank while rolling up the line towards the center. This paintball tactic is very popular, being used by most experienced players. The greatest advantage is that players from a team can envelop a part of the opposing army. This technique offers less risk of a disaster compared to other maneuvers.

Such techniques help you and your team learn how to cooperate and this can help you develop your social skills in real life. You will become more empathic and you will learn how to speculate your enemy’s weaker points. Just like in a real combat, this game can help you nurture your survival skills and help you become more competitive. You will be with your eyes on the prize, looking for vengeance in case one of your comrades is eliminated.

Envelopment of Both Flanks

Through this procedure, you can organize pinning attacks on the opposing center while your comrades attack both flanks. In this way, they can circle the entire opposite army. This gimmick should be used only if players have a superior force or a great experience in playing this game. The main advantage, in this case, is complete annihilation.

In case the encirclement is not strong enough, you and your team may suffer. However, this will help you develop teamwork skills. You learn how to be sly and pay attention to your enemy’s every movement to speculate the right moment. If you give your team specific orders, you will be able to fight and win. However, the imbalance of force can be disastrous in case the enemy manages to fight back.

Feigned Withdrawal

To use this paintball technique, you have to stage a retreat to determine the enemy to abandon its position. Then, you would be able to plunge ahead in an attack, surprising the enemy with an ambush. This becomes a useful tactic if the enemy holds an exceptional defensive position who must abandon for you to defeat him.

This maneuver has a great advantage which consists of the psychological impact the enemy has when he is assaulted while advancing. We all know that in our everyday life discipline is the key, just like in this paintball strategy. Staging your retreat shows how cunning you can be, using your skills to fool the enemy. Therefore, this technique is essential if you want to learn how to stab your enemy in the back.

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Attack from a Defensive Position

This gimmick requires you to lure the enemy and then vainly attack, using a strong defensive position, before counterattacking against the exhausted force. Generally, players use this maneuver only in case this impenetrable defensive position is available. One of its greatest disadvantages is that this strategy can become too passive.

Therefore, the attack can either come from an unexpected direction or the attack may even seize to appear, scarring the enemy. The greatest advantage is that it implies an economical use of resources in the defensive mode. Furthermore, the switch from the defense to the offense can trigger a decisive result.  You and your team would be able to use efficient cooperation skills to succeed.

Indirect Approach

By using this strategy, you will learn how to distract the enemy with secondary forces while you use the main force to strategically encircle the enemy in flank and rear. Therefore, this maneuver helps you determine the enemy to react and fight on unfavorable terms for fear they may remain out of supplies.

In case an aggressive mobile force is available, or the enemy’s supply or communication lines are vulnerable, you can use this strategy. The main advantage, in this case, is that you can obtain total victory if the enemy loses a battle while cutting off from his base. Furthermore, this technique implies fewer disadvantages since it features so much diversity. Timing and mobility are vital to enable your team’s success.


Every paintball player will always learn numerous tactics and techniques which can be further applied in real life situations. Even if, at first glance, paintball looks like a fun way to spend your weekends with family or friends, if you look deeper, you will see that this sport has much more to offer.

No matter what your level of experience is, the game will enable you to get in touch with different types of tactics and to exercise team collaboration. This will help you improve your survival skills in case of extreme situations. Be patient, follow the rule “practice makes perfect” and do not forget to have fun while you play paintball.

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