Preventing And Treating Walking-Related Injuries

a woman has sprained her ankle while hiking, her friend uses the

Stepping over rocks while on a remote trail is a good way to lose your balance and twist your ankle. Not so much a problem if you are near home, it becomes a major problem if you are miles from a trail.

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What You Need to Know About Survival Preparedness

what you need to know about survival preparedness

The numbers of preppers seem to be growing and the pandemic may have been a decisive factor in making people understand that we have little to no control over our future. What we do have control over is how well we prepare to withstand the next crisis.

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Tips For Preparing Gardening Soil In Winter

tips for preparing gardening soil in winter

We have to prepare for everything, whether it’s for a career, a city council meeting, a country fair, a junior’s first day at school, a well-stocked pantry, or anything else. It’s the same with gardening. You can’t expect to reap much of a crop if you throw your seeds out on the ground with nature’s wildflowers, weeds, and debris.

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Tips For Harvesting and Eating Flower Buds

tips for harvesting and eating flower buds

When you’ve had a long day out in the fields, you deserve a break. And a bud. No, I don’t mean a beer. I mean a good meal, featuring, of all things, flower buds. Now before you toss this down, think about it.

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15 Of The Most Common Wilderness Survival Myths

15 of the most common wilderness survival myths

I’ve been a prepper for a while now, and everyone that knows me can swear that I would rather spend as much time as possible in the great outdoors rather than living in the concrete jungle. Over the years, I’ve heard many wilderness survival myths, and there are many versions circulating out there that make people believe everything is possible in the outdoors.

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Planning To Evacuate The City When The SHTF

planning to evacuate the city when the shtf

As it has been shown in history, evacuation announcements come at a moment’s notice and having your gear ready means you’ll be that much ahead of the crowds already choking the roads out of town.

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Putting Together A Seventy-two-hour Kit And Other Tips

putting together a seventy two hour kit and other tips

As someone who has established a self-sufficient lifestyle, you understand the world you live in has no certainties. Storms may damage your food and water supplies, a particularly harsh winter may readily deplete your heating sources, and a power grid failure can put a strain on even the most eco-friendly homes.

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Preparing Your Home For Disaster

preparing your home for disaster

Thinking back over the years, there have been many times certain foods and items have run out due to the good old tradition of “panic buying” when rumors of an impending disaster hit the news. But prepping your household is more than just buying stuff to last you until things return to normal.

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Tips for Wood Heating Efficiency

tips for wood heating efficiency

Wood was likely man’s first fuel. How people manage this remarkable fuel, from cutting to heating, varies with geography, culture, and even age. There are a lot of ways to manage your wood heating system, but one thing’s for sure: The system described here works. Storing firewood is also an important task, click here to find out more.

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What To Do When The Power Grid Goes Down

what to do when the power grid goes down

We take electricity for granted on a daily basis. In fact, the mere sounds of the refrigerator humming along and the ceiling fan whirling above are just white noise, things in modern life we’re so used to that they don’t even register anymore.

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Tips To Protect Your Homestead

tips to protect your homestead

When considering homestead security, most think of livestock first. Pesky predators pervade the property, thus securing the stock is a priority. Meanwhile, the overall security of a home may be neglected or completely overlooked, particularly in remote areas with lower crime rates.

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Family Safety 101: Why a Home Security System Isn’t Enough

family safety 101 why a home security system isnt enough

Every family’s priority is keeping themselves and their belongings safe. Sound safety practices begin with a safe and secure home, which is why you often hear about the importance of using a home security system.

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How To Refresh Your Survival Skills

best tactics to refresh your survival skills

Without knowledge, there’s no chance of survival during a disaster. There are plenty of survival stories where survivalists managed to survive despite not having any type of gear nor resources. No cutting tools, no medications, no food, sometimes not even proper clothing. And yet they managed to survive, and history recorded them as heroes. Which, without a doubt, they are.

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