Tips for Wood Heating Efficiency

tips for wood heating efficiency

Wood was likely man’s first fuel. How people manage this remarkable fuel, from cutting to heating, varies with geography, culture, and even age. There are a lot of ways to manage your wood heating system, but one thing’s for sure: The system described here works. Storing firewood is also an important task, click here to find out more.

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What To Do When The Power Grid Goes Down

what to do when the power grid goes down

We take electricity for granted on a daily basis. In fact, the mere sounds of the refrigerator humming along and the ceiling fan whirling above are just white noise, things in modern life we’re so used to that they don’t even register anymore.

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Tips To Protect Your Homestead

tips to protect your homestead

When considering homestead security, most think of livestock first. Pesky predators pervade the property, thus securing the stock is a priority. Meanwhile, the overall security of a home may be neglected or completely overlooked, particularly in remote areas with lower crime rates.

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Family Safety 101: Why a Home Security System Isn’t Enough

family safety 101 why a home security system isnt enough

Every family’s priority is keeping themselves and their belongings safe. Sound safety practices begin with a safe and secure home, which is why you often hear about the importance of using a home security system.

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How To Refresh Your Survival Skills

best tactics to refresh your survival skills

Without knowledge, there’s no chance of survival during a disaster. There are plenty of survival stories where survivalists managed to survive despite not having any type of gear nor resources. No cutting tools, no medications, no food, sometimes not even proper clothing. And yet they managed to survive, and history recorded them as heroes. Which, without a doubt, they are.

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5 Crucial Prepping Tips

5 crucial prepping tips

In recent years, the term “prepping” has become a part of the public consciousness like never before. The word means getting ready for something, but it also appears in more ominous phrases, like “Doomsday prepping.” This is because some individuals believe something catastrophic is going to occur that will ravage society.

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Dealing With Summer’s Hazards

dealing with summer's hazards

Warm summer weather inevitably brings people outside. Whether boating, hiking, fishing, camping, or just taking a walk, the dog days of summer bring along a fresh set of seasonal hazards. Managing these risks keeps the family safe while still having fun. Here are a few things to think about as you hit the great outdoors.

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Bugging Out With Camels

bugging out with camels

This article is not meant to be a joke. On the opposite, it finds its roots in one of the most underrated chapters of America’s history.

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The art of trading in a moneyless world

the art of trading in a moneyless world

The civilization we know has ended, and the government and the rule of law are gone. In this new world, all forms of currency, money, credit, and all precious metals lost their worth. You are alone, and you have no resources to purchase food, water, fuel, or any gear you might need to survive. What do you do?

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How To Establish A Sustainable Food Source On Your Balcony

how to establish a sustainable food source on your balcony

When it comes to survival, everything starts from your mindset and preparedness. Your knowledge makes all the difference in what you can achieve.

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Smart Tips For Harvesting Wild Rice

smart tips for harvesting wild rice

Harvesting wild rice on the wilderness lakes of northern Minnesota nourishes my soul and spirit long before I sit down with family and friends to enjoy this tasty, nutritious native food.

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Maintaining And Repairing Your Gear For Wilderness Worry-Free Travel

maintaining and repairing your gear for wilderness worry free travel

If you don’t properly care for and maintain your gear, even expensive gear won’t serve you well for long.

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The Basics Of Making Fruit Wine – Step By Step Guide

the basics of making fruit wine – step by step guide

The pleasure of wine is doubled when you make it yourself for a few cents a bottle, using your own fruits and without unnecessary additives.

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