Let’s Work Together

Hello fellow preppers,

Thank you for your interest in contributing to our site.

If you want to make yourself heard, if you have good stories to share or if you simply want to spread your knowledge, we can make that possible.

Feel free to contact me the following address: bobrodgers@prepperswill.com for a possible collaboration.

Thank you for your support and for sharing your knowledge with us.


All the best!

Bob Rodgers

6 thoughts on “Let’s Work Together”

  1. I do have a suggestion. I am a retired Electrical contractor. I am on the NET. most every day. I have answered many questions for people who have problems that need answers that will keep them safe when doing their own wiring. it is always desirable to save money and it is expensive to have a professional come out for a small repair. I have corrected many problems created by the local handyman. not all are bad but many use shortcuts and forget the rules and the rules have been compiled over the years for a reason. the reason is to keep you safe from fires. If I can keep my fellow seniors and veterans and a few younger people safe I feel it costs me nothing but time which I still have some left.
    So say I >>>Grampa

  2. I need to be able to connect with like-minded Christians in NE Georgia. I’m a senior citizen…78 year old lady about to attend 60th HS reunion in TN this weekend. ‘Have a BS from Bible College(mass media) and an MA from Seminary, (counseling) a student of the Scriptures rightfully divided. ‘Am somewhat limited physically but sound in mind and spirit. I sense that God has prepared me to be a part of a group of survivors in a safe haven for whatever hard times are coming soon in our nation and want to make whatever contribution I can to this. I’m in contact with Robert Griswold of Readymade Resources and have been a patron of his for several years. ‘ Hope meet with him personally this weekend. I need to start somewhere so would someone contact me from this organization

  3. Bob, I am putting together an Emergency Preparedness booklet for my neighborhood. Would it be alright to use your articles or are they copyrighted?
    Thanks for your help.

  4. Aloha Bob,
    I Love your air vent hideaway! May I use this picture in my facebook group and of course give you credit? Love what you are doing!


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