Making Use Of Old Stuff At Home As Plant Pot

Making Use Of Old Stuff At Home As Plant PotMaking use of old things is certainly a matter of art and creativity. Buying necessary things for our homes is very easy, but if you can make the utility of the stuff that is no longer of use, that will certainly be a proof of your skills and intelligence. Here are some ideas to make a plant pot from used or broken stuff you have in your home.

Making use of trash will be able to solve your dual purposes. On one hand, you will get what you require and on the other, it will totally save your pocket.

We all have a lot of goods that are broken and are no longer of use. But have you ever thought that you can make use of those things for yourself in a creative way? Yes, you definitely heard it. Broken cups, damaged furniture, cracked picture frames and other luggage that are considered as waste, you can use them for your garden to increase its uniqueness.

Grab your broken household items and take a look at different ways to bring them back to life. Here, I have brought some ideas as to how you can make use of your ruin items to give your garden a little decor boost. If you don’t have a green space yet, great! It’s the perfect timing to start your own organic garden that full of characteristics.

Old School Desk

If you have an old school desk that has lost its color or is damaged from somewhere, don’t throw it away. You can use it for planting colorful flowers in it, and the best part will be that the soil will not be scattered from its place to mess up your area and will give your garden an attractive look.

Purses or Hand Bags

Lovely looking purses when loses its lives and are of no longer use to assist your apparel; it can help your garden area to enhance its beauty. You can easily do it by planting luscious lettuces, shallots in it and can hang it out somewhere on the railing. This idea of yours will certainly help to increase the life of purse to a great extent.

Broken Pot

Stunned! But you have read it right. Broken pots can help you a great deal in complementing your field area. You must have sowed different plants, flowers in your garden. You may label up your flowers by simply writing the name on the pieces of pots. Afterwards, you may place it around your plants in such a manner that it not only makes the name of the plant visible but also creates a boundary around it.

Old Suitcases

Old suitcases have new life in the garden area. You just need to fill it up with edible plants and place it somewhere at your garden place. Broken chains or locks may make your suitcases of no longer use, but you can make them a home of some beautiful as well as colorful flowers which require no zip or bolt.

Kitchen Sink

Old and damaged kitchen sinks are very much common in your houses. After serving long in your kitchen area, sinks can be used as an adorable plant pot. You can fill it with some charming herbs and make it inviting you can place it on a mountaintop. Yeah! Mountain can easily be made with big stones placed one over the other.

Broken Plates

Children are very much fond of breaking the plates. Broken plates are a very good source of creating a border line around your trees. This creativity of yours will solve the dual purpose. Firstly, it will provide your garden area a clean and enhanced look by distinguishing one plant from the other. Secondly, it will help the soil and its nutrients to remain in one place and provide the trees required nourishment.

Chair Planter

Unused chair for any reason whether due to faded color or ruined wood can work wonders if placed in a garden area as a plant pot. You may simply hole up the sitting area of your chair and can place the pot into it. Now, fill the pot with some contrast-colored or similar colored flowers like that of the chair to heighten the good looks of your place.

Old Coffee, Tea, Biscuits Tin

Some of you will think as to how you can make use of these tins that are present in large quantity. Here is the solution. You can plant some trees into it and can hang out on some walls or railings to make it glowing and interesting.

I hope you must have got great ideas to do your thrash work wonders for you. These above solutions may support you in preparing your household for drought. “One girl’s trash is another girl’s treasure!”

Article written by Emily Taylor for Prepper’s Will. If you liked it, make sure to visit her website: Love Backyard.

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