Staying Warm In The Wilderness Using 10 Simple Methods

staying warm in the wilderness using 10 simple methods

Staying warm is something you should always prioritize when spending time outdoors. This holds true regardless of your location, unless you’re lucky enough to reside very close to the equator.

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How To Survive Domestic Violence

how to survive domestic violence

Domestic violence is a deeply disturbing issue, and when an abuser targets a loved one, it becomes even more abhorrent. Regrettably, domestic violence is more prevalent than many might imagine, with significant consequences. In fact, the statistics reveal the gravity of the situation.

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How To Overcome Survivor Guilt

how to overcome survivor guilt

You find yourself on a peaceful train journey, traveling from the bustling city of Minneapolis to the charming town of Grand Rapids. In a sociable mood, you strike up a conversation with the woman seated across from you. The train ride is a bit shaky, but it’s nothing you haven’t experienced before.

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Ammo Storage Tips For The Conscious Gun Owner

ammo storage tips for the conscious gun owner

If you’re someone who stockpiles ammunition in case of unexpected national problems or simply keeps extra cartridges for hunting, it’s essential to take good care of your ammunition. If you don’t, you might run into issues later on.

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Cattail – A Handy Survival Plant

cattail a handy survival plant

The cattail, an unassuming wetland plant, holds a place in our collective consciousness that extends far beyond the boundaries of botanical knowledge or expertise in foraging wild edibles. Its unpretentious presence resonates with people from all walks of life, endearing itself as an icon of seasonal transition and nature’s intrinsic beauty.

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How To Find Food In Any Environment

how to find food in any environment

You’re the kind of person who’s always organized and ready for whatever life throws your way. You’ve planned meticulously for all sorts of scenarios, but none could have prepared you for the sudden fire. Your trusty bug-out bag (BOB) in the car’s trunk went up in flames alongside everything else when your overheated vehicle turned into an inferno.

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Pet First Aid For Your Canine Companion

pet first aid for your canine companion

Our furry friends, whether they’re hunting dogs, camp buddies, trail companions, or just your park-loving pals, face similar risks to us humans. They might walk on scorching hot pavement, accidentally step on glass shards, chase after sharp-clawed critters, or end up tangled in a prickly sticker bush.

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Staying Fit To Survive – A Necessary Preparation

staying fit to survive a necessary preparation

Many of us prepare for emergencies by stocking up on bug-out bags, knives, ‘hawks (tomahawks), and water purifiers. We make sure our stash of supplies is up-to-date to protect ourselves from danger. We gather knowledge on combat skills, weapons training, and wilderness survival techniques.

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Tactical Driving To Survive The Road Ahead

tactical driving to survive the road ahead

Security checkpoints have been established just outside the town, and the national guard is conducting thorough searches of homes within the quarantined zones. The principles of democracy have gradually eroded, giving way to martial law in the urban areas.

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Making You Own Cheap Firestaters

making you own cheap firestaters

Generating a fire is a fundamental survival skill, whether you’re in the wilderness or facing a power outage at home. It’s about more than just warmth and cooked meals; it can be a lifeline against hypothermia, signaling for help, and ensuring your safety.

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Heating And Cooling Your Home With Geothermal Energy

heating and cooling your home with geothermal energy

Have you ever ventured into a cave and felt how the temperature gradually dropped as you ventured deeper inside, yet it never reached bone-chilling coldness? If you’ve had this experience, you’ve unwittingly tapped into one of the most efficient and budget-friendly ways to regulate the temperature in your home.

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Using Kelp and Seaweeds As Survival Food

using kelp and seaweeds as survival food

Imagine you’re at the beach, strolling on the sandy shore, breathing in the briny breeze as the wind rustles the waves. As the gentle waves wash over your feet, you spot some familiar leafy structures scattered on the rocks and buried in the sand.

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Properly Assessing Your Survival Zone

properly assessing your survival zone

When you suddenly find yourself thrust into a life-or-death survival situation, the experience can be overwhelming, sending shock waves through your mind and body. Panic can grip you in an instant, and it feels like your very existence is hanging in the balance.

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