The Importance of Gleaning For Survival

the importance of gleaning for survival

Tracing its origins back to ancient times, the act of collecting surplus produce from fields and leftover fruit post-harvest has a longstanding history, dating back to biblical eras. This communal practice was regarded as a gesture of goodwill among neighbors.

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This Is Why I Store Whey Protein Powder

this is why i store whey protein powder

People are increasingly jumping on the whey protein bandwagon, and it’s not hard to see why – the list of cool health perks just keeps growing. Picture this: you’ve got this liquid gold hanging around after making cheese, and guess what? It gets transformed into this super handy powdered form. It’s not just wallet-friendly and easy to stash, but it’s also a nutritional powerhouse that can seriously amp up your health game.

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Studying Your Environment Pays Big When SHTF

studying your environment pays big when shtf

Surviving any situation requires not only physical strength but also a resilient mental approach. While physical well-being is undeniably crucial, true survivors are those who maintain mental fortitude in the face of pressure.

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How The Super Rich Are Prepping

how the super rich are prepping

In the past, the terms “prepping” and “survivalist” evoked visions of rugged mountain men armed to the teeth, living off the land. However, the connotations of these words have evolved significantly over time. While they once brought to mind images of MREs, bug-out packs, and powdered milk, the landscape of preppers today is expansive, encompassing individuals from various walks of life, including the affluent.

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Forgotten Emergency Foods Preppers Should Stockpile

forgotten emergency foods preppers should stockpile

Shelves neatly lined with cans of beans, bags of rice, and stacks of bottled water—check. For many conscientious preppers, this is the quintessential image of a well-prepared emergency food supply.

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Know This Before Stockpiling Antibiotics

know this before stockpiling antibiotics

Taking control of our medical well-being is imperative, especially when facing the possibility of major disasters. During such events, the overwhelming demand for medical services can easily outstrip available resources. The challenge intensifies as medical personnel find themselves struggling to meet the escalating needs while grappling with potential difficulties in resupplying medications.

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Where Do You Go When The Brown Stuff Hits The Fan?

where do you go when the brown stuff hits the fan

In an ever-changing world, unforeseen challenges can test our resilience and preparedness. From natural disasters to civil unrest and unexpected societal upheavals, having a well-thought-out contingency plan is not just prudent but potentially lifesaving.

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Osteoporosis – How To Deal With Fragile Bones

Osteoporosis is a condition affecting bone tissue characterized by the depletion of bone mass, deterioration in bone quality, and heightened susceptibility to fractures. A prevalent ailment in contemporary society, it afflicts a considerable global population.

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What You Should Know When Using Vehicles For Cover

what you should know when using vehicles for cover

For over a century, automobiles have played a significant role in gunfights, marking a tumultuous era where the symphony of the Roaring ’20s intertwined with the staccato rhythm of Tommy Guns and the ominous hum of black sedans.

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Try These Old Folk Cold Remedies

try these old folk cold remedies

Throughout the last century, a multitude of family legacies brushed aside age-old cures, deeming them antiquated and dispensable “old wives’ tales.” However, many of these time-honored practices, handed down from one generation to the next, held intrinsic value. They embodied simplicity, affordability, a sense of comfort, and, most significantly, a track record of effectiveness.

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Worm Farming To Obtain Your Own Black Gold And Fertilizer

worm farming to obtain your own black gold and fertilizer

Engaging in worm farming might seem deceptively simple, but don’t underestimate the challenge of giving each of those slippery little creatures a distinct brand! Alright, perhaps “farming” isn’t the most accurate term; we’re actually delving into the world of composting, more specifically known as vermicomposting.

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Avoid These Mistakes When Buying Survival Food

avoid these mistakes when buying survival food

In an age where preparedness is paramount, especially given the background of the recent pandemic, our dependence on traditional grocery stores and food supplies has been magnified. The concept of buying survival food is more relevant than ever, urging individuals to ensure their households are equipped for unforeseen emergencies.

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A Few Tips For Bugging-Out In Winter

a few tips for bugging out in winter

Ever wondered about how your family’s journey could be affected if you had to bug out in winter? Winter weather needs a bit of different planning compared to our usual summer trips. If you don’t put enough thought, resources, and strategy into it, your bug out trip might turn into a disaster instead of leading you to a safer place.

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