Try These Old Folk Cold Remedies

try these old folk cold remedies

Throughout the last century, a multitude of family legacies brushed aside age-old cures, deeming them antiquated and dispensable “old wives’ tales.” However, many of these time-honored practices, handed down from one generation to the next, held intrinsic value. They embodied simplicity, affordability, a sense of comfort, and, most significantly, a track record of effectiveness.

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Suggestions For Avoiding Ticks During Your Next Outdoors Trip

suggestions for avoiding ticks during your next outdoorsttrip

I love spending time outside and interacting with the environment around me. However, nothing bothers me more than ticks, and ever since I can remember, I’ve hated these little buggers. While you can’t totally avoid interacting with ticks, you can do certain things to prevent being bitten.

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Infectious Disease Control – All You Need To Know!

Infectious Disease Control

In today’s troubling times, contracting an infectious disease is easier than one may think. An infectious disease is a disorder caused by organisms (e.g., bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites) that have entered your body. Knowing how to protect yourself from such a disease is only half the battle, putting your knowledge into practice is actually the main step to win the war.

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