Try These Old Folk Cold Remedies

try these old folk cold remedies

Throughout the last century, a multitude of family legacies brushed aside age-old cures, deeming them antiquated and dispensable “old wives’ tales.” However, many of these time-honored practices, handed down from one generation to the next, held intrinsic value. They embodied simplicity, affordability, a sense of comfort, and, most significantly, a track record of effectiveness.

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Suggestions For Avoiding Ticks During Your Next Outdoors Trip

suggestions for avoiding ticks during your next outdoorsttrip

I love spending time outside and interacting with the environment around me. However, nothing bothers me more than ticks, and ever since I can remember, I’ve hated these little buggers. While you can’t totally avoid interacting with ticks, you can do certain things to prevent being bitten.

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The Black Plague – The Disease That Keeps Re-Emerging

Risk Of Black Plague

At the beginning of the month, in the Chinese region of Inner Mongolia, a city was on high alert. They confirmed a case of a deadly disease that has persisted centuries after it caused the most lethal pandemic in human history, the black plague. The question that kept popping up in the media was, how much do people know about the plague, and are we at risk?

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