How To Build A Micro Cleaning Kit For Your Guns

how to build a micro cleaning kit for your guns

The remote cabin appeared to be an ideal location for a strategic retreat, and indeed, it initially served as a valuable safe haven. However, as days and weeks elapsed, contrary to expectations, normalcy did not return. It became evident that you and your loved ones were pitted against the world.

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10 Imperative Rules for Concealed Carry

10 imperative rules for concealed carry

In the realm of concealed carry, where responsibility intertwines with the weight of personal security, the following decalogue of advice stands resolute. These ten imperatives are not carved in stone by celestial hands, but rather etched by the formidable forces of sound reasoning, legal principles, and the undeniable facets of our shared reality.

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What You Should Know When Using Vehicles For Cover

what you should know when using vehicles for cover

For over a century, automobiles have played a significant role in gunfights, marking a tumultuous era where the symphony of the Roaring ’20s intertwined with the staccato rhythm of Tommy Guns and the ominous hum of black sedans.

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Home Defense Shotguns – What You Need To Know

home defense shotguns what you need to know

When considering home defense, it’s clear that firearms are an effective choice. In the event of a home invasion, having a powerful tool readily available is essential, and firearms certainly fulfill that requirement. However, the long-standing debate about which type of firearm is best for home defense persists: Should you opt for a shotgun or a handgun?

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Ammo Storage Tips For The Conscious Gun Owner

ammo storage tips for the conscious gun owner

If you’re someone who stockpiles ammunition in case of unexpected national problems or simply keeps extra cartridges for hunting, it’s essential to take good care of your ammunition. If you don’t, you might run into issues later on.

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How To Properly Clean Your Gun

how to properly clean your gun

It’s evident that purchasing firearms can be quite expensive, and it seems the costs increase every year. This fact alone should serve as a strong reason to emphasize regular maintenance for these guns. Moreover, a clean and well-kept firearm tends to perform better and shoot more accurately compared to a dirty one.

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The Truth About Self-Defense

the truth about self defense

In the realm of reality, self-defense differs greatly from the action-packed scenes portrayed on the silver screen. Confrontations, far from being glamorous, are often characterized by noise and an overwhelming sense of stress. In an instant, they can escalate into violent encounters.

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Three Basic Shooting Principles You Need To Master Before Facing A Gunfight

three basic shooting principles you need to master before facing a gunfight

Renowned martial arts instructor Sensei Hiroshi Kato ardently emphasized to his students the significance of honing their foundational skills. Kato firmly believed, and often reiterated, that mastery of the basics was the key to triumph in all aspects, spanning from novices to seasoned practitioners. Similarly, achieving mastery in marksmanship hinges on a solid foundation.

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A Few Key Things To Implement For Long-Term Gun Storage

a few key things to implement for long term gun storage

In an ever-changing world fraught with uncertainties, individuals who embrace the philosophy of preparedness often find themselves at an advantage. Known as preppers and survivalists, these proactive individuals diligently plan and equip themselves to tackle unforeseen circumstances and potential emergencies.

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Should You Include A Small Caliber Hand Gun In Your Survival Kit?

should you include a small caliber hand gun in your survival kit

When it comes to determining the ideal firearm for a compact bug-out situation, it is crucial to delve into an essential question: “In the face of impending chaos, which is the most reliable and effective low-caliber gun that I am prepared to entrust my life and the lives of my dear ones to?”

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Keep Your Gun Clean And It Will Serve You Well

keep your gun clean and it will serve you well

A few years ago, I sustained an injury while on duty which caused my Colt Government Model to become submerged in soupy mud. Although the firearm would have still functioned if necessary, it had become thoroughly soaked and was eventually affected by corrosion on its internal components.

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A Few Notes About Shotgun Gauges and Game

a few notes about shotgun gauges and game

Shotguns are popular firearms used for hunting a wide variety of game, including birds, rabbits, squirrels, and larger animals like deer and bear. One of the key factors to consider when choosing a shotgun for hunting is the gauge, which refers to the diameter of the gun’s barrel. The most common shotgun gauges are 12-gauge, 20-gauge, and 410-gauge, but there are several others as well, including 16-gauge and 28-gauge.

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Six Reasons To Own A .22

six reasons to own a .22

I have been an avid gun collector for many years, and throughout my experience, I have come to appreciate the value of owning guns that are suitable for concealed carry. In fact, I have owned a variety of firearms over the years that have been specifically designed for this purpose, each one serving its own unique drive.

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