Using A Time-Tested Food Preservation Method When There’s No Fridge – 8 Available Options

using a time tested food preservation method when there’s no fridge

Living off the grid and achieving food self-sufficiency is a noble pursuit, but it comes with its own set of challenges. One of the biggest hurdles is food preservation – keeping your harvest fresh and edible without the convenience of a refrigerator or freezer. Fear not, fellow homesteaders! There are numerous methods, both time-tested and innovative, to extend the shelf life of your food and keep your pantry stocked throughout the year.

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The Need To Store Salt For Survival

the need to store salt for survival

Salt emerges as an indispensable cornerstone within the well-stocked pantry of every discerning prepper, representing a ubiquitous and fundamental staple that lays the foundation for culinary preparedness.

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Forgotten Emergency Foods Preppers Should Stockpile

forgotten emergency foods preppers should stockpile

Shelves neatly lined with cans of beans, bags of rice, and stacks of bottled water—check. For many conscientious preppers, this is the quintessential image of a well-prepared emergency food supply.

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Avoid These Mistakes When Buying Survival Food

avoid these mistakes when buying survival food

In an age where preparedness is paramount, especially given the background of the recent pandemic, our dependence on traditional grocery stores and food supplies has been magnified. The concept of buying survival food is more relevant than ever, urging individuals to ensure their households are equipped for unforeseen emergencies.

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Canning Chicken – Here’s Ho To Do It

canning chicken here's ho to do it

As a child, my family lived in a rural area without the convenience of deep-freezers powered by electricity. This meant that my mom and grandma had to can food out of necessity, including my mom’s prized creation of home-canned chicken. Canning chicken is an economical and reliable way for those who raise chickens to make use of surplus meat.

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Food Storage Plan For The Long Run

food storage plan for the long run

When my husband and I decided to create a food storage plan for the long run, we initially focused on stocking up on white rice. We calculated the amount of rice we would need if it was the only food we had to consume for a whole year, and then purchased that quantity. However, I would not recommend this approach to others. Not only did we end up with an excessive amount of rice, but we also failed to consider the importance of a well-rounded diet.

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The Most Common Survival Foods You Should Learn How To Prepare

the most common survival foods you should learn how to prepare

Modern survival foods include MREs and emergency ration bars. These bug-out-friendly items can be stored for extended periods of time and provide sustaining nutrition, which are two critical requirements for survival food.

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How To Maintain Healthy Soil With Crop Rotation

how to maintain healthy soil with crop rotation

One important rule of organic gardening states that you should rotate plant families as much as possible from one season to the next, so that related crops are not planted in the same location more than every three years or so.

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Long-Term Food Options From Your Grocery Store

long term food options from your grocery store

People should face the facts and understand that survival food is quite expensive, and it’s not a feasible option for those wanting to equip their survival pantry. We should look at other options for stockpiling food, like, for example, the foods you find at your grocery store.

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Prepping Your Pantry The Smart Way

prepping your pantry the smart way

People in this great country of ours are storing and even hoarding food in case a disaster strikes, and going to the grocery store is no longer an option. Many folks who stockpile food just load a pantry with rice, beans, and canned items and call it a day. However, that’s not the smartest way, and there’s more to prepping your pantry than just storing rice and beans.

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Ideal Foods and Storage Techniques For the Serious Prepper

ideal foods and storage techniques for the serious prepper

In these days of uncertainty, it makes sense to prepare for the worst and be pleasantly surprised when the worst doesn’t happen.

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Top Tips You Should Know About Backcountry Nutrition

Top Tips You Should Know About Backcountry Nutrition

Backcountry travel has a way of showing us how our daily lives are killing us with too much comfort. In the great outdoors, you carry your home on your back, each day you have to dress as Mother Nature tells you to, and showers become a luxury compared to “back home.”

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The Global Warming Issue – The Enemy We Can’t Stop

The Global Warming Issue

We’ve been talking about global warming for the past 50 years, and we still haven’t managed to take action against this threat that may very well lead to human extinction. Global warming is here, and we can no longer ignore its worldwide effects.

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