Is 30-06 Cartridge Really the Best for Hunting?

is 30 06 cartridge really the best for hunting

Lately, it seems like hunting rounds and hunting rifles have been changing faster than clothing fashion trends. Rounds that were once less popular are now gaining in popularity and a round that used to be a ubiquitous choice may now have fallen out of favor. It’s part of what keeps the hunting and firearms community exciting.

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How to Stay Focused During a Hunt

how to stay focused during a hunt

Well-prepared hunters must be ready to stay on the field from dawn until dusk, which requires a high degree of physical preparedness and mental readiness. Even if nothing happens for over 95% of the day, you must be ready to take an accurate shot for the potential 5% of opportunity.

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How To Create Food Plots For Bow Hunting

how to create food plots for bow hunting

Since moving to northern Idaho and purchasing our own slice of wildlife habitat, my attitude toward whitetail hunting has changed completely. I no longer view whitetail habitat as something to be sized up and conquered on a limited time while traveling to hunt.

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Blood Trailing Tips When Hunting Deer

blood trailing tips when hunting deer

Most hunters have blood-trailed deer or another big-game animal. Those who haven’t either have poor luck or haven’t been hunting very long. Tracking a double lunged or heart-shot deer is often simple, but marginal hits always make tracking difficult. Regardless of how long you’ve been hunting or how many perfect shots you’ve made, you’ll eventually face a challenging blood trail.

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Tips for Squirrel Hunting – A Practical Protein In The Wilderness

Tips For Squirrel Hunting

As deer became more abundant, we left squirrel hunting by the wayside and hunted deer almost exclusively. But as of late, American hunters are remembering how fun and practical squirrel hunting can be and are realizing how good squirrel can taste when prepared correctly.

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Useful Hunting Technology You Should Bring on Your Next Hunt

Man With Gps Navigator

Hunting is a craft that requires all the digital assistance that is available to you. Digital assistance means the process of hunting is made easier and more interactive. Compared to the olden days where most had to rely on sheer luck and experience to catch their prey, one can now navigate the hunting territory using different types of technology.

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