Useful Hunting Technology You Should Bring on Your Next Hunt

Hunting is a craft that requires all the digital assistance that is available to you. Digital assistance means the process of hunting is made easier and more interactive. Compared to the olden days where most had to rely on sheer luck and experience to catch their prey, one can now navigate the hunting territory using different types of technology.

Here is some useful hunting technology you should bring on your next hunt.

Smart Phone

Your smartphone is crucial for you to take into the hunting field because of the different hunting apps that can make your whole hunting process more efficient. BestHuntingAdvice provides insight into the different apps you can download for your convenience.

A range finder app for example helps you mark your distance from the animal you intend to shoot. Left to your discretion, you have to accurately gauge the distance that is close enough to execute a clear shot, though not too close in order not to scare the animal.

Apps that navigate the dynamics of weather can help you make informed decisions on whether the area you intend to hunt will be conducive on that particular day. You may leave your house with the sun shining brightly, only to be met with a dark cloud when approaching your hunting space.

Having determined that the weather is suitable for a hunt, apps that help you determine the direction of the animals means you spend less time searching for these and more on executing your shots.

However, setting out in favourable weather and successfully spotting the animals is only productive when your decoy is efficiently set up. You can install apps that produce decoy diagrams for the best possible hunt.

Using apps doesn’t mean that you are any less of a hunter, it simply means that the process is more efficient with the help of tools that complement the knowledge that you already hold about hunting.


You will need to make sure that you can access the internet particularly if you are using hunting apps. The internet is also essential for emergencies where you will need to get in contact with those outside your hunting zone. Losing track in a hunting site can frequently occur, and where one can trace steps to familiar ground, it is an event one can appreciate as a part of the hunting process. However, in the case where you or your team member can’t be easily located, communication is mandatory to ensure safety and locating.

Field Generator


You may be exceptional at your hunting skills – however, your scent can give warning to your prey and might leave you empty-handed. A field generator disperses positive and negative ions around animals meaning odour molecules are neutralized. Your scent won’t be picked up by animals meaning you can get as close as you can without announcing your presence. Even if you are as quiet as a church mouse, your scent can overpower your discrete skills which is why a field generator is worth looking into.


Ampods are a form of hearing protectors. A pair of ampods can protect you from damaging your hearing after a day of shooting in the open space, while amplifying the sounds in the hunting space. This means that you can still identify animal movements by utilising your hearing senses, although you will be protected from hearing your guns. Your health is protected while you efficiently execute your hunting skills.

Digital Binoculars

Types of binoculars have been refined over time to include those that are digitally advanced. You can find binoculars that remain clear regardless of distance and weather. You no longer have to worry about squinting into a pair and damaging your eyesight. You can get a pair of binoculars which allow for you to set the vision range, which can help with accurately aiming at your hunt.

Thermal Wear

Thermal wear such as base layers, are crucial as attire in cold parts. Never under-estimate cool temperatures when you are out in the hunting field, as this can directly impact your hunting performance. Depending on the types of base layers you purchase, some warm-up as the temperatures get cooler, and cool you down when the temperatures increase. This means you are constantly feeling comfortable and don’t get distracted by continuous piling or shedding of clothes.


Hunting technology has since refined the process and enhanced the raw skills of hunters. By using technology in your hunting trips, you can make the hunting process more efficient, interactive, precise, and enjoyable.

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