A Few Ways To Determine Your Direction Without A Compass

a few ways to determine your direction without a compass

Around AD 1100, the Chinese came up with a revolutionary tool to help people navigate the unknown terrain: the practical compass. Prior to that, humanity relied on various other methods to determine the four cardinal directions, without the aid of a compass.

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How To Avoid GPS Pitfalls

how to avoid gps pitfalls

You go on a camping trip in a remote patch of the Maryland woods. You get lost. You walk around. You walk around some more, looking to get out of the brambles.

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Land Navigation Using a Map and a compass

Navigation using a map and compass

Navigation is the process of finding one’s present position and then determining the best route to follow to reach a distant goal. We do that today every time we get into our car and pull out of the driveway. Succesful land navigation requires a map and a compass and most importantly, knowledge to use these survival tools.

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