How To Deal With Wild Animals In The Mountains

how to deal with wild animals in the mountains

Over millennia, mankind has developed the ability to adapt to the environment and use its resources to its advantage. The mountains are one of these environments.We can sometimes bend the mountains to our will, but more often than not, we must change ourselves as well as our approach to mountain living and exploration.

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Learn The Following Pros And Cons Before Buying A Chainsaw

learn the following pros and cons before buying a chainsaw

When my wife and I purchased our rural 43 acres, both of us were hit with a range of emotions. It was a big step financially, and it suddenly dawned on us that it was going to take time and physical effort to make our homestead dream come true.

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How To Assess Your Property And Figure Out If You Should Install a Wind Turbine

how to assess your property and figure out if you should install a wind turbine

Windmills harvesting wind power have been around for a long time, and many people are considering this power-generating option for their homestead. However, before you dive into it, there are a few things you need to know, like, for example, if your property is suited for hosting a wind turbine.

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Turn Your Cell Phone Into A Survival Toolbox

turn your cell phone into a survival toolbox

Over the last 20 years, the cell phone has become a staple of everyday life. We use cellular technology for frivolous and serious reasons alike—everything from Angry Birds to dialing 911. Case in point: according to the FCC, about 70 percent of 911 calls originated from cell phones.

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Tips For Wilderness Carry And Having The Right Handgun For The Job

tips for wilderness carry and having the right handgun for the job

I was with my friend, Tobey, for a ruffed grouse hunt in northern New Hampshire. The spot we were hunting was an area about 20 minutes away from his home in Lancaster. Tobey has a remote cabin on this property that is loaded with grouse. It also has its fair share of black bears.

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How To Own Land Without Breaking The Bank

how to own land without breaking the bank

Most people believe land ownership is out of reach, so we make it that way. I know I did. Despite wanting my own little piece of the earth to hunt, plant trees on, and just enjoy any way I pleased, I never thought it would happen.

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How To Avoid GPS Pitfalls

how to avoid gps pitfalls

You go on a camping trip in a remote patch of the Maryland woods. You get lost. You walk around. You walk around some more, looking to get out of the brambles.

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Living Without Electricity With The Help Of 19th Century Knowledge

living without electricity with the help of 19th century knowledge

Many people today can’t even imagine what living without electricity would be like since electricity is the blood of our modern world. However, it’s still possible to live without electricity if we put to good use the knowledge of our ancestors.

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Crucial Preps For Winter Car Survival

crucial preps for winter car survival

Winter in North America is no joke, and it presents a host of challenges. One of such challenges is driving by car, and in many instances, it turned out to have a lethal outcome for unprepared people.

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How To Build A Composting Toilet And Why You Should Install One

how to build a composting toilet and why you should install one

If you live off the grid or if you are one of the residents of a region that is often affected by natural disasters, waste management should be a hot topic on your prepping list. For those who believe they will one day be affected by a long-term disruption of municipal utilities, learning about composting toilets becomes a must.

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Busting The Myth Of Dealing With Frostbite

busting the myth of dealing with frostbite

In the wilderness, the biting winds and the subfreezing temperatures are always a recipe for disaster. The wintery scenery is beautiful, but it can also become a dangerous trap for the ill-prepared adventurer. If you find yourself suffering from the onset of frostbite is better to follow the proper procedures to keep yourself warm and ignore the myths.

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Simple Steps For Tanning Hides

simple steps for tanning hides

I got started tanning fur purely by accident. My longtime friend and hunting partner, Robert, started a taxidermy business and decided to offer his customers in-house tanning. I happened to be in his shop one day as he was combing out some wolf pelts he had just finished tanning. I was amazed at how soft and supple they had turned out.

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Putting Together A Get Back Home Kit For When Your Vehicle Breaks Down

putting together a get back home kit for when your vehicle breaks down

Things have a way of going wrong at the most inopportune time, and there’s no way you can be 100 percent prepared for every emergency situation. However, you can drastically increase your chances of survival by planning in advance. Today we will look at what you should do to head out on foot when your vehicle breaks down.

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