How Long Will Your Canned Food Last?

how long will your canned food last

Canned food often takes the spotlight in stories about the world after a major disaster, and there’s a good reason why. It stays fresh for a long time, holds up well even if it gets banged around a bit, and is kept safe from harmful bacteria.

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Hunting And Eating Black Bear

hunting and eating black bear

Bear meat was a frequent delicacy in our household during my childhood in the countryside. Grandpa had a fondness for hunting black bears, considering them the prime target among big game animals. Grandma consistently lauded bear meat as the epitome of culinary delight among game meats. With Grandma’s repertoire of mouthwatering recipes, she effortlessly substantiated her assertion.

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How To Build A Micro Cleaning Kit For Your Guns

how to build a micro cleaning kit for your guns

The remote cabin appeared to be an ideal location for a strategic retreat, and indeed, it initially served as a valuable safe haven. However, as days and weeks elapsed, contrary to expectations, normalcy did not return. It became evident that you and your loved ones were pitted against the world.

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Preserving Nutrition In Long-Term Food Storage

preserving nutrition in long term food storage

People cultivate gardens for a variety of reasons. Some seek a connection with nature and a chance to relax, while others embark on gardening endeavors to cut down on grocery expenses or minimize their trips to the store.

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No Stress Strategies to Save Money In 2024

no stress strategies to save money in 2024

In the quest for financial stability, the desire to set aside some surplus funds resonates with everyone. The prospect of an unexpected expense or a sudden crisis is daunting, making the presence of a financial cushion a source of immense relief.

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How to Store Fuel (LP gas, Gasoline, Diesel and Kerosene)

how to store fuel (lp gas, gasoline, diesel and kerosene)

Undoubtedly, understanding how to store fuel safely and effectively at home is a prudent practice that can significantly contribute to the smooth operation of various essential household items. Your cars, trucks, tractors, standby generators, propane refrigerator, and kerosene lanterns all rely on a steady and secure fuel supply.

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Heating And Cooling Your Home With Geothermal Energy

heating and cooling your home with geothermal energy

Have you ever ventured into a cave and felt how the temperature gradually dropped as you ventured deeper inside, yet it never reached bone-chilling coldness? If you’ve had this experience, you’ve unwittingly tapped into one of the most efficient and budget-friendly ways to regulate the temperature in your home.

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Food Preps When You Lack Money

food preps when you lack money

Many folks express concerns about their inability to stock up on extra food due to financial constraints. For those intrigued by the world of “food preps” or preparedness, they might find themselves diving into online forums, devouring books, and scouring newspapers on the topic. However, these resources often lead to overwhelm as they delve into the nitty-gritty of how much to stock, what kinds of food to hoard, and the intricate art of preservation.

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How To Make Your Own Potting Soil

how to make your own potting soil

Packaged potting soils offer undeniable convenience, but the expense can quickly accumulate in a bustling garden. Looking ahead to the upcoming year, as my stockpile of decomposing sawdust reaches maturity, my aim is to achieve self-sufficiency when it comes to potting soil.

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Making Wild Jelly For The Family

making wild jelly for the family

A variety of gorgeous blooms and berries not only catch the eye but also offer a delightful taste. Personally, I take great pleasure in gathering elderberries, the delicate blooms of common blue violets, the vibrant blossoms of redbud trees, and the autumn olive berries.

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Get Answers To These Questions Before You Go Country

get answers to these questions before you go country

Many folks living in cities and suburbs are nurturing a dream deep within them, one that involves leaving behind the hustle and bustle of urban life and venturing into the serene countryside. They yearn for a quaint farmhouse or a cozy cabin nestled amidst the trees, a place they can truly call their own, and where the tranquil pace of life reigns supreme.

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Tips To Make Your Vehicle Ready For Bugging Out

tips to make your vehicle ready for bugging out

A friend once told me that no other country on this planet experiences so many natural disasters as the United States and while I never bothered to check the incidence of natural disasters in other countries, I do have to admit he was kind of right.

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The Health Benefits of Thermal Insulation: Creating a Healthy and Comfortable Living Environment

the health benefits of thermal insulation creating a healthy and comfortable living environment

In the world of home improvements, renovations, and energy efficiency, there is one concept that stands as a silent hero – thermal insulation. This unassuming yet critical aspect of modern construction is often overlooked by homeowners and even some builders.

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