How Your Purse Can Help You Survive During An Emergency

how your purse can help you survive during an emergency

Female preppers are more equipped and readier than they thought to survive a crisis that can occur without warning. Their purse and the items within it can become valuable assets during a survival scenario. Here’s how to equip your purse to get out of trouble when you find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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How To Stay Safe In Foreign Lands

how to stay safe in foreign lands

Now that many countries around the world are lifting their COVID restrictions, a lot of Americans will start to vacation abroad once again. In fact, Americans love to travel, and there’s no place on this planet where you won’t find us.

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A few Jelly Recipes That Do Not Use Standard Fruits

a few jelly recipes that do not use standard fruits

My years in the kitchen have taught me to have fun with the old standards. With 3 children, it was a sure thing that I had to put up lots of jelly and jam, so I found and worked out a few recipes for pleasure. These do not use standard fruits.

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A Few Tips For Easy Weeding

a few tips for easy weeding

Weeding is the bane of every gardener’s life, an unending, unpleasant, onerous, exhausting chore. It can’t be eliminated, not entirely. And it can’t be made effortless. But it can be made much easier and less time-consuming.

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Crisis Preparedness For Kids

crisis preparedness for kids

Every parent wants their children to grow up in a safe environment, but reality forces us to think about dealing with the uglier side of society. It also means we have to decide how best to protect those we love. This involves more than making sure your home is safe and secured. You also have to teach your family how to protect themselves.

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How I Became A Prepper Woman

how i became a prepper woman

In the previous articles, I introduced you to some skills related to survival that every prepper should gain, master, and refresh with any opportunity they’ve got.  Now, the time has come to talk about my personal transformation into a prepper woman. I truly believe that there is nothing more valuable than sharing our own paths if our common goal is to grow into a solid and united community.

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